Hyundai DVB-T2 Receivers: Expanded capabilities and universal applicability

Hyundai introduced three new models of DVB-T2 receivers: H-DVB160, H-DVB180 and H-DVB320. The devices are designed for use for receiving digital TV channels of standard and high definition.


Receivers H-DVB160, H-DVB180 and H-DVB320 can play Full HD video, music and photos from flash drives or portable hard drives. When an external drive is connected, PVR and TimeShift functions are available to the user, allowing the user to record or pause transmissions. Hyundai receivers are capable to receive and play subtitles, teletext and electronic program guide for a week.

RCA and HDMI connectors ensure compatibility with TV sets of different model years. When a USB flash drive is connected, the user can stop TV programs, as well as recording them. And the wireless remote control gives you quick access to all functions, making the receiver very easy to use.

Pricing and availability

The new models are already available in stores and cost from 820 to 980 USD, depending on the model

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