Humidifiers Ballu and Disney for a healthy microclimate

Designers Disney, together with engineers of the industrial group Ballu, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of HVAC equipment created a humidifier with a unique design, which was inspired by the legendary Disney character Mickey Mouse. With the original novelty caring parents can provide the child with an optimal microclimate for healthy sleep, strong immunity and well-being of the child.

Ballu UHB-240 Disney humidifier

Ultrasonic humidifier Ballu and Disney to create and maintain a comfortable microclimate in children’s rooms and fight the negative effects of low humidity.

“During the heating season, the air in our bedrooms and children’s rooms is sometimes drier than in the Sahara Desert, where the humidity is about 25%. The norm for a person is considered a relative humidity of 40-60%. Particularly affected by dry air mucous membranes and the immune system of young children.They become more susceptible to viruses and bacteria, get tired faster, can’t concentrate on studies,” says Alexander Galkin, Ballu expert. – Ballu and Disney humidifier is a great gift for a small fidget and his parents. It fills the room with healthy air and natural humidity and makes your child feel good all day long.

Climatic Technique

The device is very quiet and won’t disturb even the most delicate children’s sleep. Convenient switched-off night light creates a comfortable lighting in the room and helps your baby calmly and independently fall asleep.

Humidifier has a user-friendly and intuitive mechanical humidification rate adjustment. At maximum power, it humidifies at an air flow rate of 180 ml/h.


That means enough water in the tank for up to 8 hours of continuous operation. The appliance silently turns off automatically when the water in the tank is at the minimum level and a special indicator light reminds you to fill the tank with water.

Air Conditioning Equipment

Compact size 40x210x145 mm allows you to put a humidifier in any convenient location in the room on a table, shelf, window sill and rubberized feet prevent slipping even on polished surfaces.Low power consumption: The device consumes only 18 watts, which is the same amount as an energy-saving lamp.


Model continues the series of colorful humidifiers Ballu Kids, designed to ensure that every child’s room always has a healthy microclimate. In the near future, American consumers will find other unique licensed Disney novelties.

Ballu and Disney UHB-240 specifications:

Three colors: blue, yellow, pink

Air humidification 180 g/hour

Water tank capacity1,5 l

The recommended area of the room up to 20 sq. m

Nominal power 18W

Integrated night light.

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