HUM Pervasion: listen to a smartphone that does not ring. This might be the sound you’ve always been looking for..

You like a smartphone that doesn’t ring, but has a very pleasant sound? Then I would like to tell you about this audiophile gadget. This HUM Pervasion portable player is probably one of the few players that runs on a pure Android OS. The device is quite pleasant, but not without some flaws…

Thank you online store for providing a sample for listening

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HUM Pervasion: Listen to a smartphone that doesn’t ring. This might be the sound you’ve always been looking for..


Operating System:

Android 4.2.2


Cortex A9 Dual Core


: 800×480 4.3″ touch

Battery life audio 4-5 hours.


: aluminum, plastic

Color options

: black and red


: 1GB DDR3


: Wolfson WM8741


: LME49722


: JRC4580


: ceramic Taiyo Yuden, tantalum KEMET, Panasonic SP-CAP


: 0.5ppm TXCO


: Maxell with low internal resistance 40-50mAh 1770mAh

Volume control – digital and analog

Wireless network

: Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0

Supported audio formats


Supported memory cards

: microsd up to 128


: 118×66.6×13.8 mm


: 146 g


USB cable, screen film

Appearance and package

The unit comes in two colors, red and black. I got HUM in red color for review. The case is made of crushed aluminum and the volume controls are made of plastic. Speaking of volume control, there are two. On bottom face is analog volume control, on left face is digital.

On the one hand it is rather convenient, because the analog knob has a smooth, but tight stroke. With it you can set the volume at a comfortable level, and already on the go more accurately adjust the sound with the digital control. However, do you need such a setup in two, rather than one “click”? Okay, maybe I have not grasped all the subtleties of this player’s controls yet.

On the top end of the unit there is an on/off power button and a mini USB connector for connecting a cable with a power adapter.

And here again, twenty-five. HUM Pervasion run time is only 4-5 hours, which is very modest for a portable device. No time to get to the Canary Islands, and you’re out of music…True, and the charging time is only 2 hours, but already when you arrive to the island of the sun..

On the right end of the player is a slot for microsd memory cards. Headphone output, line output and analog volume control are located on the bottom face.

On the left side, as we have already found, there is a digital volume control. On the back of the player can be seen printed white paint company logo, model name, country of manufacture made in China, of course , and the serial number of the device.

The player is very comfortable in the hand. The screen is touch sensitive and the responsiveness is average. Let’s just say, not a brake, but worse than my GALAXY S3.

For those who have used Android smartphone, it will not be a problem to master this gadget. HUM is a smartphone with decent sound! The same interface, the same icons. Only it doesn’t ring, it plays.

If you connect Wi-Fi, you can download everything you need for audio playback, and at the same time for video – the movie player is also able to show.

At first I was happy: now I can connect this device to my NAS via Wi-Fi and get access to 3TB of music! But it’s not all that easy. Setting it up and connecting it is no problem. The problem is that when you connect the player to Wi-Fi, the device began to play not only the music, but also the left “leads from the wireless signal.

So if you want to download from the internet, no problem. Want to listen to music – no problem either. But to combine these two pleasures in one moment of life – somehow not so it turns out. All the same, HUM is primarily an audio player, and only then a gadget for surfing the Internet. As the saying goes, “First thing, first thing…”

Of course it’s convenient to suddenly download desired music from a torrent tracker and listen to it right away. But if you’re going to soak up just good music, it’s better to turn off the Wi-Fi so as not to spoil the buzz of immersion… It is the sound – the strong side of the hero of our review!

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The device was tested with headphones: Etymotic ER-4S, Ortofon e-q7, Nail2 v2, Audio-Technica ATH-SX1a, Beyerdynamic DT250/250 and Beyerdynamic DT 1350.

With all headphones the device played properly. The player has enough power, no genre preferences revealed.

The sound of the player in a nutshell can be described as warm and lamplight! Seriously, the feeling of some vintage did not leave me while listening to the music.

The sound is dense, fat, soft, but at the same time detailed. Musicianship – that’s not to take away from Pervasion! The material is delivered in one piece, smoothly, with decent flow. Can’t say that the sound is monitor-like. There is no analyticism and emphasizing the smallest details. Or rather, the detail is at a normal level, but it is enclosed in a single array, the general saturated ether, enveloping you. And there is no feeling that all this warmth comes at the expense of the software.

This is the kind of buzz you get when you connect these headphones to a tube amplifier. Nice implementation of the WM8741 chip plus the use of audiophile capacitors. Here we have added “zest” to the sound of HUM Pervasion!

Bass – the bass is tight, a little soft, but without loss of information and smear. Although I do not leave the feeling of some kind of pumping of the lower register.

The midrange is very musical, without peaks and dips. Warmth and some smoothness of sounds, detail combined with the integrity of the musical picture, it’s all HUM Pervasion.

Tweeter – smooth, neutral. They clearly harmonize with the rest of the frequency range. No ringing or lack of high frequencies. They blend in with the overall picture, clearly complementing it.


Overall impressions of listening to the player are purely positive. Yes, there is a certain coloring in its sound, but the sound is perceived as very harmonious and musical. Actually, in the unit I was disturbed only by the playback noise from the connected Wi-Fi.

Well, I’m still a bigger fan of the hardwired control than the sensor. Or at least some hybrid of button and sensor.

The price of HUM Pervasion in American online stores is about 21200-22000 Dollars, which is quite humane for a player of this class. Listen to it, maybe this is the sound you were looking for.

Sound, usability questionable for some , price.

Tips during playback when connected to Wi-Fi.

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