HUAWEI builds 5G networks

HUAWEI officially started the construction of 5G network at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. This railway station is the first in the world to have a 5G internal data network.


Full 5G coverage is expected to be possible inside the station by the end of 2019, when passengers will be able to enjoy the various network services possible on the 5G network. Also in February HUAWEI and cellular operator China Mobile Shanghai demonstrated 5G DIS digital indoor system equipment, which provides a peak internet connection speed of 1.2 Gbps.

huawei 5 g

Passengers can download a 2 GB HD movie in less than 20 seconds.

Peter Zhou, director of marketing for HUAWEI’s wireless network product line: “

Thanks to the 5G network’s low signal transmission latency, it is possible to more accurately control the passenger flow, and provide faster access to cloud services. In addition, accurate indoor navigation and store locator are available for passengers

5G DIS HUAWEI system elements are small in size and installed under the ceiling in the premises.

huawei 5 g

The coverage area of each such element of 5G DIS is about 25-30 m in radius , thus, about 1000 DIS devices are needed to cover the entire station.

HUAWEI installed several transmitters in the catering area of the station, creating a Wi-Fi network to demonstrate the capabilities of the 5G network. Scenarios of its use can be very diverse: video calls in 4K, multi-channel HD video conferencing for passenger convenience, etc.d.

“Passengers will surely appreciate the new services and benefits that are possible thanks to the high data transfer speeds provided by the 5G network” – Zhang Jianming, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Economy and Information Technology Commission.

huawei 5 _g

Another socially significant example of the introduction of HUAWEI 5G equipment can be called its use for the implementation of remote surgery in medicine.

On the morning of March 16, 2019 Beijing time, an implant surgery was successfully performed on a patient with Parkinson’s disease at PLA General Hospital in China. This is China’s first remote surgery using 5G data networks.

Lin Zhipei, an expert in neurosurgery, successfully performed a complicated three-hour brain surgery on a patient, applying surgical instruments remotely via live HD video broadcast.

With high speed, wide bandwidth and low latency, the 5G network can guarantee the stability, reliability and safety of remote surgery, allowing experts to monitor the surgery process and patient situation anytime and anywhere.

During surgery, experts from different locations around the country discussed the operation plan via HUAWEI’s 4K HD video conferencing system and exchanged real-time patient data as well as diagnostic information, thanks to the wide bandwidth and low latency of the 5G network. And the surgical equipment was monitored remotely using specialized software, which enabled successful completion of surgery, increased diagnostic accuracy and improved efficiency of remote medical consultation system.


According to post-deployment tests, the 5G network speed meets all requirements for real-time 4K HD video, uncompressed radiology images and lossless pathological incision images, making remote ultrasound and surgical interventions possible. This solution is ideal for patients in areas where there are no doctors.

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