Huami Amazfit GTR: The new sleek and stylish smart watch to keep you healthy and fit

Huami, the award-winning smartwatch manufacturer, announces the launch of the stylish new Amazfit GTR. The novelty attracts the combination of classic design and modern technology, which will allow the owner to maintain physical fitness and health, to keep active. The round screen with AMOLED display, thin body and leather strap will provide maximum comfort when using this elegant and powerful accessory.



“The Amazfit GTR smart watch takes elegance and craftsmanship to a new level. The model is available in two sizes – 47.2 mm and 42.6 mm – and in many versions, each with unique features.

The standard 47.2 mm version has a light brown leather strap with the outer half made of leather and the inner half made of silicone. It makes the device look elegant and at the same time sweat-proof during exercise.

The 47.2 mm version also impresses with up to 24 days of battery life. In an age when people have to carry around a mass of portable devices, slow battery life is one of the defining characteristics of every gadget. The Amazfit GTR offers a battery life that will suit any user.

The watch’s interface is optimized for a large display, making it easier to read information and messages. The interface retains a pleasant, classic design.

Amazfit GTR is the best choice for someone looking for quality, elegance and performance. Our everyday lives are full of important meetings, social events and unpredictable situations that we must be ready to face. Wearable accessories and handheld devices not only serve as productivity tools, but also express the wearer’s unique taste and personality.

Amazfit’s GTR watch has been structurally redesigned from previous models, with elegance and style as its main features.


Health & Fitness

Amazfit GTR is equipped with Biotraker™ PPG heart rate monitor to bring the health benefits of 24/7 heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and movement reminders to the wearer. Continuous monitoring throughout the day helps the user determine if their heart rate is within normal limits, as well as track their activity. Both on the device and in the app, all data is presented in an easy-to-understand way. Through the app, users can also set normative heart rate and get an alert when the number of beats per minute gets too high or too low. All monitoring data is stored and can be viewed in the app or shared with doctors for further analysis.

With its 6-axis acceleration sensor, Amazfit GTR is the perfect companion for sports and training. The novelty comes with 12 different sport modes, including multiple running, cycling, swimming, mountaineering, landscape running and strength training. After you’ve completed your workout, the smart watch displays your results, such as distance traveled, pace, heart rate, number of laps, time taken per lap, and more. Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate not only the long battery life, but also the dual GPS + GLONASS positioning capabilities that provide high precision route tracking. 12 sport modes to help you improve your skills

Priced and accessible

“Amazfit GTR smart watch will be available from August 20 in America. It will be available at Svyaznoy, Citylink and Tmall for prices starting from 9,990 RUR.

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