HP Latex R line of printers celebrates first anniversary at FESPA 2019

HP is celebrating the first anniversary of the HP Latex R Printer Series HP Latex R1000 and HP Latex R2000 models , the revolutionary HP hybrid latex printers for signage and signage printing on flexible and rigid media that were introduced at FESPA last year.


One year after launch, HP has received positive feedback from EMEA customers who have been able to transform and improve their businesses with the introduction of HP Latex printing technology. First and foremost, customers emphasize the high-quality colors and glossy finish they get on hard media through HP Latex technology.

By introducing the HP Latex R series line, HP is helping companies in a variety of industries to grow and giving customers the ability to create valuable products for retail, graphic design for events and exhibitions, and interior design products.

Praising the HP Latex R series printers’ performance and print quality, Italian trade show exhibitor customer Up & Go said the HP Latex R2000 printer enabled the company to “boost production speed, significantly improve product quality and print on a variety of materials. Davide Barlassina, Up & Go account manager, among others, said: “Thanks to the capabilities of this printer, we were able to complement the handmade wooden scenography with high-quality printing, giving it additional artistic value.”.

Portugal’s SIGN noted that the HP Latex R2000 is a “game changer,” adding, “What really impressed us was that the printing does not disrupt individual textures – glossy color retains its gloss, matte remains matte, textures do not change under a layer of ink. “It’s a significant improvement in the field of printing on rigid media, as it’s impossible to achieve this kind of result with UV technology.

The Italian company Win Sport, specializing in the production of advertising products on flexible and rigid media for various events and trade fairs, called the white HP Latex ink an additional “bonus”. Entrepreneur Antonella Erbisti, who created Win Sport, appreciated the possibility of using white ink. “We can finally “wrap” an entire car in white with this ink, which was simply unthinkable before. We are happy to be able to create high quality and environmentally friendly products, without damaging the environment.”.



Another advantage of the HP Latex R Series printers was the use of odorless, water-based inks, which helps companies develop their business in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. HP Latex inks are environmentally compliant in a variety of ways, from ink chemistry and indoor air quality – both during printing and product use, to the entire product lifecycle, making this technology a recognized green product.

Paolo Bai of a young Italian company specializing in digital signage said: “In the past, the use of solvent inks created unhealthy working conditions in production and the resulting products did not meet health requirements. We were losing orders from restaurants and other customers working indoors. With the purchase of our first HP Latex printer, the odorless inks have improved our work environment and eliminated any odors in the end product.

Ability to print on flexible and rigid media with the same inks is another advantage often mentioned by HP customers. The small Saint-Francois de Paule school in Frejus, France, called on Grouppe Riccobono to decorate its windows and interior furnishings. The project was originally conceived for the purpose of repair and refurbishment of finishes, but gradually became educational in nature and carried out with concern for the environment. Sophie Riccobono, director of marketing and communications at Groupe Riccobono, emphasized: “We really take a responsible approach to protecting the environment. HP Latex water-based inks are ideal for use in hospitals, schools and daycare centers.”.

In addition to high-quality printing, this line of printers has been praised for its smart printing features that allow customers to maximize printing productivity. At the same time, the printers provide the necessary analytics used in production management, significantly reducing waste and fundamentally changing the way the company interacts with its customers.

HP is taking a unique approach to managing its customer’s installed base of printers through revolutionary cloud technology, which HP Latex printers now support. This technology allows customers to still achieve maximum printer performance, even when away from the printer, and get analytical information to help manage production. Besides, it also improved the way of interaction with numerous HP clients, ensuring a permanent two-way dialogue and quick feedback.

HP Latex R1000 printer will be demonstrated at the HP booth A5-F30 at FESPA 2019.

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