How to store winter clothes during the warm season? Advice for the hostess from Vestel

With the onset of the long-awaited spring our closet is replenished with new bright things, and fur coats, down jackets and woolen products are hidden in the closet, where they are looking forward to their next outing. Your faithful winter friends will spend almost half a year without any use, so it’s important to properly prepare them for storage in spring and summer – small household tricks and Vestel washing machine ARWM 1041 L will help you with this.

Washing machine Vestel ARWM 1041 L

The most cherished element of a woman’s winter closet – a fur coat – isn’t easy to keep in top condition, since furs are very finicky to handle. Before storing the coat should be prepared as follows:

  • Clean the nap – at home you can use a solution of a mixture of 1.5 liters of water, 3 spoons of salt and the same amount of alcohol. In addition, to get rid of dirt coat will help the most ordinary semolina, rye bran and even sand.
  • Wipe down furs with a cloth dampened with gasoline.
  • Carefully hang your fur coat on the coat rack with the wide “shoulders”, dry thoroughly and comb carefully. Fur products do not like sunlight and artificial heat sources, which means that they in no case can be left on the balcony or near heaters.
  • Place the coat in a special coat made of natural fabric, put in each pocket a pill of moth-proofing agent and hang in the closet – preferably separate.

Other helpers in the fight against winter frosts – down jackets, synthetic jackets and coats – also need careful treatment. Good quality laundry is essential in keeping these items safe. Practice shows that it is best to make such preparations for these things:

  • Pre-treat the dirtiest areas by hand – this can be done with a brush and soap.
  • Fasten all buttons and zippers on jackets and coats, and if possible, detach the fur elements.
  • Down items are washed on a delicate mode, usually at 30 degrees, and synthetic jackets – in the mode “Synthetics”. To ensure that the down jacket does not lose its shape because of the lump of fluff, in the washing machine is recommended to put 3-4 tennis balls, which in the process of washing will “whip it”.
  • After washing, items should be shaken and dried well.
  • To prevent things from losing their shape, they must always be hung on a hanger that corresponds to the size of the garment – in no case folded or rolled!
  • Store down jackets, synthetic jackets and coats in a dry and dark place.

Woollen items require the following preparation:

  • Wash the clothes with a mild shampoo or a special detergent for wool – manually or with a washing machine with a “manual” mode or a special program for wool. The maximum water temperature should not exceed 40 ° C.
  • Woollens should be stored neatly on a shelf in the closet and treated with an anti-moth treatment.

The role of quality washing in preparing warm clothes for storage is really great – after all, it is very important not only to delicately clean products from contamination, but also to preserve the structure and color of the material. That is why you should pay special attention to choosing the right washing machine, equipped with the necessary washing modes. The Vestel ARWM 1041 L keeps your warm clothes in top condition with washing modes like Wool, Synthetics and Hand wash. Compact and roomy, this washing machine is a home styling aid. The ARWM 1041 L has the capacity to wash several warm jackets in one go: at 41.6 cm deep, it holds up to 6 kg of laundry! The machine has a large LCD screen providing you with all the information you need to know about the washing in progress. In addition to the basic options, the ARWM 1041 L has additional options, such as prewash and delayed start. And you can quickly pause and restart the machine with the start/pause button.

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