How to pay with your face in the subway

Forgot your “troika” and bank cards at home? No problem!

Now you can pay in the subway just using your face.

  1. metro

    To connect the service it is necessary to download to your phone mobile application “Metro New York”.

  2. A small registration procedure is required: take a selfie, enter the data of the bank card with the fare and “Troika” card.

The VisionLabs technology will encrypt the received face image into a biometric descriptor, and the system will tie it to a bank card.

3. To pay the fare, you need to enter the area next to the turnstile, marked with a black circle, and look into the camera.

The recognition process takes approximately 1-2 seconds, after which the turnstile flaps open and the card is charged with the necessary amount.

The Face Pay system recognizes a person even when the face is partially blocked. Goggles, medical masks and hats will not interfere with recognition.

Kirill Kayem, senior vice president of innovation at Skolkovo Foundation:

“VisionLabs is one of the top three in the world in facial recognition according to the results of independent tests by the American National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST .

That is why the company’s biometric solution is used by the country’s leading financial institutions. And the implementation of the company’s developments in the capital’s subway will make life easier and more convenient for Muscovites


The new system of payment by the face will help to pass through turnstiles faster at peak hours, when the number of passengers increases significantly.

In case of difficulties with the service, passengers can write to the subway’s official chatbot in Telegram.

Dmitry Markov, CEO of VisionLabs:

“As part of the smart city infrastructure, face payment becomes an important tool for providing convenient and secure services. In addition, contactless technology has become even more in demand in the face of the pandemic


The use of computer vision increases the security of the payment process. Biometric ID cannot be lost or forgotten, which means it cannot be used by third parties. Liveness algorithms, which solve the problem of live person verification and counteract non-program attacks in the form of masks, images or video on the phone, help to protect against spoofing attacks.

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