How to clean the air in the house so as not to suffer from allergies

Not enough to know what causes and how to treat allergies, which appear in August, taking over in late July and early September. It is necessary to avoid a worsening of the disease by preventing a strong reaction of the body.

LG PuriCare

LG PuriCare, an air purifier with a 6-level filtration system, is capable of cleaning the air in your home of dust, plant pollen, viruses and bacteria, as well as freshening and ionizing the air in a short time.

Quality of work of the device was highly appreciated by allergologists-immunologists – LG PuriCare effectively cleans air in closed premises from household and pollen allergens, spores of microorganisms fungi, bacteria, reduces the concentration of particles suspended in the air.

LG PuriCare

For reference: FGBU State Research Center “Institute of Immunology” of Federal Medical and Biological Agency recommends using LG PuricareTM air purifier for creating hypoallergenic environment in the complex therapy of patients with various allergic diseases such as allergic rhinoconjunctivitis, asthma, atopic dermatitis and also for the prevention of their exacerbations.

LG PuriCare is an ecological station in your apartment: its double design with 6 levels of filtration is able to trap polluted air with its whole surface and spray the purified air 7.5 meters around, providing a 360 degree coverage.

Color indication has 6 modes and will inform you about the state of the atmosphere with a symbolic herringbone green, yellow, orange, red, blue or even purple 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Deodorization and ionization modes quickly eliminate traces of a noisy party and create fresh mountain air.

A special gas sensor detects the presence of harmful impurities in the air, and the filter system can even cope with formaldehyde.

The air purifier is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi module that allows you to control the device from anywhere in the world, to obtain information about the state of the air in the room and decide on the work program.

ThinQ technology will help to make self-diagnosis and make the right decision not only when choosing the mode of operation, but also to call a specialist and so on.

“The purpose of ThinQ is to emphasize that LG’s smart appliances work to make your life better,

Says Han Chang-hee, head of LG’s International Marketing Center

. – Artificial intelligence is the next frontier in technology. We are responsible for making the use of artificial intelligence more widespread and less intimidating.”.

Everything is 100% in your hands thanks to ThinQ, which allows you to perform self-diagnostics, get information about the state of the air and set the program of work from anywhere in the world.

LG_ PuriCare

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