How to choose a hood? Techport

The Techport webshop offers a wide range of cooker hoods that advise you to make sure your kitchen environment is clean. Techport has prepared for its customers a list of recommendations for the selection of hoods, the choice of which is quite diverse. The installation options for kitchen hoods also vary. Wall mounted hoods are a classic type of hood. If you need to choose the most budget-friendly option, the ideal solution would be a recessed model, which is ideal for a small kitchen.

It is also important to consider how harmoniously the cooker hood will look in the kitchen. Therefore, it is not only the size and technical characteristics that are important, but also the design of the product

Among the variety of kitchen hoods, there are pendant, dome, island, corner and other types. Choosing the right model, you need to focus on its performance, types of filters, noise, type of lighting, functionality and, of course, the brand. To understand the characteristics of kitchen hoods you can take a look at some popular models of Hotpoint-Ariston and Lex. The Techport website offers detailed information about the difference between hoods so it’s easy for any buyer to decide which one to choose.

One of the main tasks is to determine the hood’s performance. It’s easy enough to calculate. There is a universal formula for this: P=SxHx12, where P – capacity, S – area of the room, H – ceiling height, and 12 – SES norm for air renewal in kitchen rooms 12 times per hour . Experts advise to choose a more powerful hood, but to use it on medium mode. It will reduce the noise level and prolong the life span of the hood.

Unpleasant smells, vapors, combustion products, smoke cause discomfort and have a negative impact on the human body, while grease and soot particles, accumulated on walls, furniture and the ceiling, result in great pollution. That’s why the Techport online store focuses customers’ attention on the importance of buying a kitchen hood.

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