How static electricity affects DVRs and whether it can be protected

Mio Technology, a leading international developer and manufacturer of in-car electronics, explains how static electricity can break down a DVR, how to protect against it, and whether such breakdowns can be repaired under warranty. Strong temperature fluctuations, impacts or aggressive environment threaten DVRs from time to time: in the absence of frost or hot sun, high humidity and bumps in the road, car gadgets are able to work for many years without failures and malfunctions. But there is always one danger in all electronics, as long as you interact with it: static electricity.



In devices of other brands, when a static electricity charge occurs through the power connectors, it either fails see the screen of the device on the left. the screen of the device on the left , or they malfunction on the right

Device Protection

If the device has no protection against static electricity, you can reduce the chance of hitting the gadget with a discharge only with care and caution. But it’s best to choose equipment that’s built to withstand this kind of shock.

Mio black boxes are designed and built to work even in challenging conditions, like freezing, hot and humid conditions. Among other things, protection against static electricity is being developed. And during tests in the laboratory of Mio these developments are tested – using electrostatic gun discharges hit all the external metal elements of the recorders. Batteries for explosiveness and chargers are also tested.

Tests show: Mio DVRs continue to work smoothly after any electrostatic shock, and batteries and chargers receive a safety certification. Simultaneously with devices Mio in the lab are the models of competing manufacturers, which undergo the same test cycle. Most of them turn out to be unable to survive a static electricity discharge without loss.

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