Household Appliances: tests, reviews, new this fall

Time, like the she-wolf, we sit and it rushes


BG is right: and he is 65 years old, for which we congratulate the birthday boy and all his fans!

Still, we’re not sitting around, we’re testing appliances and writing about them to save you time and help you choose the right home appliance.



  • This fall we tested the ThomasDryBOX + AquaBOXCat&Dog vacuum cleaner

Thomas DryBOX + AquaBOX Cat&Dog

It is designed for all those who have furry pets at home.

And we’ve seen for ourselves that this vacuum cleaner is for people who love animals, not fur. But it can also be recommended for people who have a lot of carpets, rugs, blankets and stuffed animals in their home: the range of nozzles allows you to clean the upholstery on sofas and chairs, while the turbo brush removes all debris from high pile carpets.

We’ve already made a video review of the model, and it will soon appear on our YouTube channel.

If you want to do the housecleaning in a hurry before the New Year, which is just around the corner…

time like a wolf

, then Thomas will be able to help you. Honestly, in terms of suction power, usability, maneuverability, nozzles – it has few equals.

And, most importantly, there are models for everyone.

  • If you don’t have carpets in your home, choose the Thomas DryBox+AquaBOX Parkett vacuum cleaner with a nozzle designed to gently clean hardwood floors.

DryBox+AquaBOX Parkett

Both of these models have two cleaning systems in their arsenal: the DryBox, a three-part container in which dust gets to “different shelves” and you do not have to breathe fine dust even when cleaning the container after cleaning and AquaBOX, in which dirt and dust settle in the water, additional filters trap pollen and which “washes the house and air in it.

  • If you think that two systems in one vacuum cleaner is too much, choose

    Thomas DryBox

    , It’s also the most affordable.


  • Keep order in the house and collect dust from the floor while you’re in the office can be entrusted to a vacuum cleaner – a robot.

BBK BV3521

We tested BBK BV3521 – an inexpensive model, but we can safely say that if you use the BBK BV3521 daily in automatic mode, the dust in your house will be less!

  • The heating season brings not only warmth, but also dryness, which has to be fought with additional means.

We continue to test air purifiers – humidifiers.


We checked out the HISENSE ECOLIFE AE-33R4BNS air purifier with humidification and ionization functions to cope with dry air.

The test continues. The device works in the apartment where there are allergic people, let’s see how the air purifier will influence their health, but the main tests for HISENSE ECOLIFE AE-33R4BNS are in March and April: let’s see how it will cope with pollen in the air.

  • In autumn we have completed testing of blenders.


But we still drink smoothies and occasionally spoil ourselves with vitamin mixtures: they help us to cope with the autumn melancholy


So, take your pick: a classic, powerful blender with a glass jug that easily mixes everything at once for the whole family.

Midea MC-BL1002

We have two of them in the test – REDMOND RSB-CBM3400 and Midea MC-BL1002.

For absent-minded citizens, we would advise to choose an Ariete 568

Ariete 568

It is the only one of those tested that will not turn on if you forget to close the jug with the lid.

If you need a fitness blender and a powerful shredder, and you want a price that will please you, choose the VES M-170.

VES M-170

This device is three in one, it also has a coffee grinder.

Well, someone will benefit from a fitness blender combined with a chopper and an immersion blender with whisk – we tested the Scarlett SC-HB42M40.

Scarlett SC-HB42M40


  • Puddles, mud, autumn – more washing, less drying conditions.

Miele WT1 series

Miele WT1 Series washer-dryers wash clothes made of chlorine, down jackets, delicate silk, and even sneakers thoroughly and gently. Then they will dry any clothes just as gently and carefully. Of course, this technique is premium class and the price is appropriate, but if you can afford it, choose the best.

  • In September we saw with our own eyes how the Faber company, a trendsetter and the No.1 manufacturer of this equipment in Europe, creates its own hoods.

You know what stage 4 of industrialization is, which is, according to Italian manufacturers, the time we’re living in: It’s when your kitchen hood automatically communicates with the robot in the factory and reports a problem, such as a loose screw that won’t work at full capacity. And the robot itself makes changes to the algorithm of the robot on the conveyor belt, and the latter in all new hoods screws this screw is half a turn tighter. Fantastic? No, this is already a visible perspective.


But the man is not the least of these. It is a man who invents beautiful hoods and programs the work of all the robots. Read – what can modern cooker hoods do, and just admire the beauty and elegance of the models.

  • Why does a washing machine need steam??

It’s already available in the most inexpensive models.


And here’s what it can do, read here and choose a model with this option.


  • Autumn is a time for trade shows.

Panasonic unveiled its new i-Shaper ER-GD60 trimmer at the IFA in Berlin in September.

i-Shaper ER-GD60

The best part was that in October it was already on sale in America.

  • In early September, we published a whole series of stories about the equipment on display at IFA.


Of the many new products, our readers considered the most interesting:

  1. Candy, Hoover, Miele washing machines
  2. Hisense refrigerators
  3. LG built-in appliances
  4. The Miele Coffee Machine
  • In November the exhibition “Furniture” was held in New York.

The company Smeg presented its new appliances.


By the way all photographed against the background of a fridge with Mickey Mouse details here and placed photos in social networks received a nice gingerbread with Mickey as a gift.

New models of hoods on the joint stand showed Elikor and Faber.


You could admire it, touch it, look at it.


Autumn novelties that our readers found the most interesting:

  • Bosch vertical vacuum cleaner with changeable battery
  • bosch
  • The new Dyson styler
  • LG vertical vacuum cleaner


  • Compact kitchen machine Vitek


  • Scarlett meat grinders

Scarlett meat grinders

  • New Philips shavers


  • Pretty soon “CONSUMER” magazine will be in print. Home Appliances” 2018:

All our tests, the most interesting reviews, news and novelties of the world of home appliances!

Read and Choose!

And there will be plenty more tests, reviews and news.

In general, we test, you choose the best!

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