Hotpoint small appliances on sale

Whirlpool is announcing a month of sale on small appliances by Hotpoint in its official outlet.

Small appliances Hotpoint

Until December 29, 2019 customers have the opportunity to buy Hotpoint appliances at special prices: kettles, toasters and blenders – for convenience in the kitchen, and irons – for gentle care of clothes.


Hotpoint kettle

In the small appliances Hotpoint small kettles on sale you will find the most useful options models: WK 22M DXB0, WK 22M DC0, WK 22M DR1, WK 22M DR0, WK 22M UP0 : auto off when boiling, light indication, scale filter, and base rotation of 360°.

For example, you could buy the WK 22M DR0 kettle for 1690 instead of 3031.

And model Hotpoint WK 22M UP0 from Hotpoint Ultimate Collection premium range will cost 1990 Dollars. The kettle is equipped with a temperature sensor, which is directly in contact with water and guarantees a short boiling time. And as soon as the water reaches the selected temperature, the kettle switches off automatically within 12 seconds, saving time and energy.



And for those who love tasty breakfast, there’s a Hotpoint toaster oven with heating and defrosting functions. They allow you to choose one of seven toasting levels according to your preferences and the type of bread.

Insulated case protects from burns by accidental contact. A convenient tray helps you easily remove all bread crumbs and prevents them from burning.

Toaster Hotpoint TT 22M DC0 available at 1190 Dollars., and models Hotpoint TT 22M DSL0, Hotpoint TT 22M DR0 for 1,290 instead of 3,190 Dollars.



Hotpoint stationary and hand blenders available at special prices:

Hotpoint TB 050 DXB0 – 1290 Dollars.,

Hotpoint TB 060 MDB0 – 1390 RUB.,

Hotpoint HB 0603 DC0 – 1690 Dollars.,

Hotpoint HB 0703 AX0 – 1790 RUB.

The power of the appliances is up to 700 W, which will significantly reduce the time for food processing.



For gentle care of clothes fits the iron with steam functionNotroint SI DC30 BA1 for a special price of 1190 Dollars. instead of 2336 Dollars.

Ceramic Double Layer coating on the soleplate and linear steam holes around the edges provide even and powerful steam distribution for fast and deep penetration into fabrics.

Automatic cleaning mode ensures easy cleaning of appliances.

Iron with 40g/min steam power and 120g/min steam impact, water tank capacity up to 350ml.


The sale will take place in the company’s first official outlet in New York, where large and small appliances of Whirlpool, Hotpoint, Indesit and KitchenAid trademarks are presented.

For your convenience the outlet is now open seven days a week from 9:00 to 21:00.

Here you can not only buy interesting goods at a discount, but also address to the service center specialists for recommendations.

The outlet is located at a Whirlpool service center:

g. New York, Nab. 15 Akademika Tupoleva Street Kaskad housing estate ,

Subway Baumanskaya, Kurskaya.

Contact: +7 495 771-75-61.

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