Hotpoint introduced steam irons and steam generators Digi Iron



launched a collection

Digi Iron: 2 steam stations and an iron with steam function

. This novelty is equipped with automatic programs, you just need to choose the type of fabric on the digital display and the device will automatically select the optimal temperature level and amount of steam.

hotpoint iron

Hotpoint Digi Iron irons make it easy to iron and tackle those tough creases.

Digi Control technology controls your ironing process keeping the temperature at the right level for your fabric type.

The control panel is on the handle and has an LED indicator.

Six basic programs: Linen, cotton, wool, silk, synthetics, any fabric.

Models have two modes: PRO and AUTO. PRO mode releases steam at the touch of a button under the handle. In AUTO mode, an electronic sensor detects the movement of the appliance and gives off steam continuously, stopping it when the appliance stops. In both modes the steam quantity depends on the selected fabric type.

Iron has a steam capacity up to 55 g/min and 140 g/min steam impact, water tank capacity up to 330 ml.

Steam generators have a steam capacity of up to 140 g/min, a steam shock capacity of up to 450 g/min, and a pressure of up to 6.5 bar.

The tank capacity is 2000 ml, and total power – 2400W.

Our irons and steam generators are equipped with vertical steam delivery.

Easy care mode activated by one button on the iron and manual cleaning on the steam station. Models include a limescale prevention function.

Digi Iron Collection comes in blue and white. Sleek and smooth lines complement the minimalist style of the appliances.

Models feature high functionality thanks to the innovative design of irons. Linear steam holes around the edge of the soleplate ensure an even and powerful distribution of steam for fast, deep penetration into fabrics. The heated central sole area fixes the contact area with the appliance, avoiding repetitive creasing.

Sometimes the process of ironing demands a lot of time and effort from consumers. Particularly difficult for many customers to choose the right temperature so as not to damage the fabric, but at the same time to remove all the creases. The new Digi Iron range helps you get professional ironing results with minimal effort. The models come with automatic programs that automatically set the temperature and amount of steam, based on the type of fabric

“says Evgenia Suzdaleva, Leading Whirlpool Corporation Small Appliances Marketing Specialist.

hotpoint irons

The new line of steam stations and irons with steam function is already available for sale.

Suggested retail price:

Steam Iron SI C55 DEW

8 990 Dollars

Steam Station SG C12 DEW

15 990 Dollars

Steam Station SG C14 DEW

19 990 Dollars

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