Hotpoint-Ariston washing machine with High Definition Washing: wool stays in wool after every wash

Brand Hotpoint-Ariston presents a new generation of washing machines with High Definition Washing technology and innovative design. New sensor system automatically controls all washing parameters and allows you to control water, power and time consumption, which significantly saves all resources. Washing mode can be set according to individual needs, the degree of soiling and type of fabric.

New line of washing machines from Hotpoint-Ariston with High Definition Washing technology

New washing options

Wash whites

White remains white even after 20 wash cycles. Special washing cycle with 3 extra phases, keeping clothes white for much longer, due to the lack of exposure to high temperatures.

Delicacy +

A new option allows you to adapt any mode to the degree of soiling of the fabric and select one of the 3 levels of delicacy: Delicate, Standard, Intense.

Removing stubborn stains

Thanks to a new cycle to remove stubborn stains Hotpoint-Ariston washing machine ensures removal of the 20 most difficult stains at a temperature of 40C without pre-soiling.

Woolmark Platinum Care

The new Hotpoint-Ariston washing machines with High Definition Washing technology take such delicate care of woollens that they have been awarded the top rating from the International Woolmark Institute.

Anti-allergen cycle

Ideal cycle for asthma and allergy sufferers. Specially selected temperature removes allergens, and extra rinse cycles completely dissolve all detergent residues which could irritate sensitive skin. A special option guarantees hygienic cleaning even during the low temperature cycle.

Ergonomic design

  • New control panel 4 modes
  • Large boot lid 34cm in diameter
  • New door with active handles 3 colors

Extended load capacity

Thanks to the increased capacity of the drum, the loading capacity has been increased from 5 to 6 kg for 42 cm deep narrow washing machines. And from 6 to 7kg for standard 52cm washing machines.

Easy Dose. Easy Dosing System

The turntable is equipped with a special detergent dispenser that makes loading and dosing of the detergent easier.

Super Silent. Low noise level

Brushless motor, silent pump with intelligent control and special sound-absorbing panels.

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