Hotpoint-Ariston launches a new range of refrigerators with Active Oxygen ozonation technology

The new line of refrigerators from Hotpoint-Ariston features unique Active Oxygenation technology. The air inside the fridge is saturated with ozone, which reduces the appearance of bacteria in the refrigerator compartment up to 90% and the smell up to 70%, keeping the freshness and quality of food much longer, as well as increasing the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. No extra energy consumption.

Hotpoint-Ariston fridge-freezer with Active Oxygen technology

Air Tech cooling system

The secret of perfect food storage is perfectly uniform temperature distribution inside the refrigerator compartment and freezer compartment. New Hotpoint-Ariston fridges are equipped with Air Tech cooling technology, which prevents formation of ice and frost in refrigerator and freezer compartments, thus saving you from having to defrost them. Inside the fridge compartment, the Multiflow column spreads the cold air evenly throughout the volume, for a perfect temperature. These technologies, combined with minimal energy consumption, not only save you money, but also help to protect the environment.

New Air Tech technology – it is improved air circulation, temperature control throughout the fridge, and as a result – a perfect solution for long-lasting food storage.

Choosing a fridge-freezer from Hotpoint-Ariston’s new range, you can look forward to the highest Energy Class A+, which means superb results with minimum energy consumption.

Hygiene Advance antimicrobial coating

With the same care as you take when choosing food for your loved ones, Hotpoint-Ariston keeps them fresh in compliance with the highest hygiene standards. For this purpose, the material of inner walls of new refrigerators by Hotpoint-Ariston contains antibacterial components, which exclude the formation of mold, bacteria and unpleasant smell. This enables the most efficient and hygienic food storage.

Maximum result with minimum costs

Thanks to I Care, the new Hotpoint-Ariston fridge-freezers automatically maintain the ideal storage temperature depending on external conditions and the temperature inside the fridge-freezer, minimising energy consumption. Coolers in the new range consume up to 40% less energy than other refrigerators of energy efficiency class A.

A feature that will help you do your part for the environment.

Vacation mode

If you’re going on vacation, select Holiday mode, which puts the fridge in standby mode. Empty refrigerator compartment will be set in economy mode with minimum power consumption, and the freezer compartment will work in the set mode. With a stand-by function, you can leave the fridge compartment with the door closed for the entire vacation without the formation of mould and unpleasant odours.

A special place for special produce

Some products – fresh meat, fish, cheeses – require special storage conditions. A roomy drawer with a front-opening door Fresh Box ensures optimal storage of these foods.

Fast cooling and freezing

When you have bought a large quantity of food and want to put it in the fridge, select the “Super Cool” function. It has been specially designed to cool large quantities of food quickly in the new range of refrigerators from Hotpoint-Ariston. As soon as the food is chilled, the refrigerator automatically switches to the optimum operating mode. Super Freeze function allows you to freeze food quickly for long-term storage. By selecting this mode, the temperature of the freezer compartment decreases by 6°C. After reaching the deep freezing of food, the temperature returns to the set level. You can also use this function when you need to make ice quickly.


Innovative and eye-catching, the new range of refrigerators from Hotpoint-Ariston perfectly harmonizes with the most modern kitchen furniture and other spaces, where the kitchen appliances with a perfect and stylish design are a must.

In the new range of refrigerators from Hotpoint-Ariston improved, recognizable design, which will not leave anyone indifferent – updated profile of inner shelves, new flat shape of door, excellent lighting in the refrigerator compartment, new external and integrated handles, digital display, created for ease of use and better ergonomics.

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