Hoover IronFlow for a smooth life

Candy-Hoover Group offers the Americans a new technological iron Hoover IronFlow TIF2800/1 011 .

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Thanks to the use of technology AirFlow, new product maintains a comfortable temperature for hands, and the stability system and ceramic soleplate allows you to iron quickly and efficiently.


Hoover proprietary AirFlow technology reduces the temperature of the ambient steam by 50% 10-150 C , creates a cool, fresh cloud that gently envelopes the hand. A fan on the back draws in air, cools it, and then returns steam through holes in the handle and skirt of the iron. So the technology makes ironing easy and effortless.


Ceramic soleplate is scratch-resistant and provides a perfect glide over fabric. Unlike many other models on the market, the steam holes on the Hoover IronFlow soleplate form a special pattern and are concentrated on the parts of the surface that most often encounter creases and over-dried laundry. Thus, ironing time is significantly reduced and laundry is not crumpled.


The iron stands securely on the ironing board and is easy to refill. In addition, the design of Hoover IronFlow, reminiscent of a space rocket, allows you to easily store the cord – just wind it on the legs at the back of the device. And the stylish design of the novelty in red and white will refresh the interior and become a bright addition to it.

Recommended retail price Hoover IronFlow – 3990 Dollars. Hoover IronFlow sales are scheduled to start in December 2017.

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