HONOR introduces the HONOR Band 5 Sport fitness bracelet

HONOR brand introduces new model of fitness bracelets HONOR Band 5 Sport, aimed at fans of outdoor workouts. The bracelet is equipped with an activity monitoring system capable of monitoring up to ten types of movements during a basketball game, as well as evaluating the overall performance of training.


HONOR Band 5 Sport has been given multiple modes for different types of workouts, including outdoor and indoor activities such as running, walking and basketball. A long-life battery gives you up to 14 days of battery life in daily use scenarios. In addition to fitness functions, the bracelet enhances the comfort of daily life by signaling calls and messages coming to the connected smartphone.

Environmentally conscious

The new HONOR Band 5 Sport bracelet is available in two colors: glacial gray and pink sakura. Straps woven with threads of four different colors give the bracelets a bright and sporty look. They are made of recycled plastic, in keeping with the ideology of the HONOR brand.

Six-axis motion sensor

Six-axis motion sensor, capable of monitoring seven different parameters of running, including time of foot contact with the ground, the length and frequency of steps, making the new bracelet an indispensable gadget with the functions of a round-the-clock virtual coach for all sports and fitness fans.


Two variants of use

HONOR Band 5 Sport fitness tracker can be worn in two ways: on the arm or on the leg, which provides the most accurate measurement of activity during running and basketball workouts, as well as in everyday life. The weight of the bracelet is only 13 grams and almost does not feel on the hand, which allows you to wear it around the clock, without removing.

Intelligent algorithms of HONOR Band 5 Sport automatically recognize the user’s preferences and habits related to sports and night sleep, and select individual recommendations to help achieve better results and reduce the risk of injury and disease.

“We aimed to create a smart, stylish and functional fitness tracker that is comfortable for constant wear. HONOR Band 5 Sport will help users turn sports and fitness from an occasional hobby into a lifestyle, improving health and wellness,” said HONOR president George Zhao.

Price and availability

HONOR Band 5 Sport will go on sale in America on October 25th with retail price of only 1990 Dollars.

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