Homemade stuffed cabbage rolls

Let’s remember the good old recipe for stuffed cabbage rolls. Everyone can order in a restaurant or buy semi-finished products, but you can make your favorites happy with home-made cabbage pancakes with meat stuffing?

We go to the store and choose the products:


– Cabbage 1 small bob. For stuffed cabbage rolls we need whole leaves, carefully inspect it, the leaves should not pressed tightly together so that it would be easier to cut it .

– minced meat 1 kg. You can make it yourself 0,5 kg of pork + 0,5 kg of beef + 100 gr of lard or buy ready-made, make sure you go to a proven place, inspect and smell the meat.

– Carrots 1 pc

– onions 1 head

– One cup rice

– salt, pepper to taste

– tomato paste 1 tbsp.lj.



Let’s begin with the stuffing: boil the rice until tender, then wash the meat in cold water, cut it into small pieces, mince it through the meat grinder with the fat, mix it well with the cooked rice and spices salt, red and black pepper .

Now let’s take the cabbage: there are two variants, the 1st is if the cabbage is young and the leaves are easily separated, we put the necessary 12-15 top leaves to the so-called steam bath over a pot of water or if you have a steam cooker we cook them there for 5-10 minutes. If the cabbage is not young, we cook it over medium heat in a large pot for 15 minutes and, after it has cooled, we separate the necessary 12-15 sheets.

Peel and cut carrots in 0,5 cm thick slices, peel and dice onions, shred unused cabbage as well.

Wrap stuffing in cabbage leaves, you get envelopes, if the thick middle of the cabbage bothers you, it can be cut out.

After braising the stuffed cabbage rolls we take a cast-iron pan and put a layer of cabbage on the bottom, then put the rolls, carrots, onions and alternate layers.

Add tomato paste to a glass of warm water and pour evenly. Put the pot to stew on low heat for 40 minutes or until tender depending on the size . You can also add bell peppers and tomatoes between the layers to taste.

I cooked in a multicooker, so I chose the “stew” mode for 60 minutes.

Serve with greens and sour cream.

Small appliances for the kitchen

Small appliances for the kitchen

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