Home appliances – June 2019: expert picks

What new models of home appliances seemed the most interesting to our experts? Customers’ opinions don’t always reflect those of the experts. In this review we have collected 6 household devices – novelties of June: speaker, oven, refrigerator, air cleaner, massagers, which are worth looking for in stores.

LG smart speaker


The LGWK7Y lets you enjoy your favourite music in great sound quality, thanks to its high resolution audio. You’ll feel like you’re at a concert, and your favorite performer is sitting in the chair next to you.

Great buy, building a “smart” home can start with its purchase.

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Air purifier K&auml rcher AF 100

We know the K&auml Cleaning appliances: vacuum cleaners, steam generators, car washers, garden appliances.

K&auml rcher AF 100

In June K&auml rcher introduced an air purifier that takes just 20 minutes to rid a 100 meter room of 99.98% foreign particles.

If this air purifier is as good as K-Series isn’t it?&auml The future is bright for the cleaning system.

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CANDY KRIO SUITE built-in refrigerators

We are used to CANDY washing machines. Many people know that CANDY produces ovens and hobs. Expanding our horizons: you can buy a CANDY fridge, but it’s built-in.


Choose from 5 models Candy Krio Suite with a height of 177 cm and 185 cm volume of 260 liters and 277 liters.

Girls in particular will love it – there are drawers for cosmetics.

Otherwise, everything is as it should be – a freshness zone, a shelf for wine, LED lighting, electronic control.

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The Teka WISH Maestro HLC 847 SC multifunction oven


Teka WISH Maestro HLC 847 SC is both an oven and a steamer with an extended temperature range, so you can cook in it in sous vide, use it as a yogurt maker or a dough-raising device. And fans of juicy steak can use the included temperature probe.

Of course, many premium brand name manufacturers have built-in ovens with integrated steam cookers. Check out the Teka WISH Maestro HLC 847 SC for less than 100,000, a reasonable price for this category of appliances. And it doesn’t often come with a temperature probe.

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Foot massagers Beurer

Two models – Beurer FM 250 Vital Legs EMS and Beurer FM90 – I don’t even know which is better.

Beurer FM 250 Vital Legs EMS blood flow stimulator delivers electrical muscle stimulation EMS to the foot area.

Beurer FM 250 Vital Legs EMS

And the Beurer FM90 is designed for an energizing and relaxing shiatsu massage.

Beurer FM90

Beurer appliances are more often sold in pharmacies than in home improvement stores, although no prescriptions are required for purchase.

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