Home appliances are getting more expensive again

Home appliances are not a carrot, of course. We don’t buy a new one every day, but we can’t imagine our life without it, either.

Home appliances

What should we prepare for when we need to buy a new refrigerator or, say, a washing machine? How much will the price of household appliances go up in September and October?

Gleb Mishin, General Director of LLC “KANDI S.n.g.”In this interview he suggested to his followers on facebook to calculate how much a washing machine will cost in 2 – 3 months: “

At least 15% metal and metal parts in the finished product. And rolled metal products this year went up by 150% google it if you don’t believe me .

Polypropylene and other plastics are up 60%. And they are in the machine itself about 8%, and in additional items of equipment, including packaging, another + – 11%. How much it turns out?


According to the manufacturers and purchasers’ forecasts, equipment will go up in price by 15-35% and this refers both to what is produced abroad and what is assembled at American plants.

So do not wait for the fall “Black Friday.

If you are planning to buy any home appliance, do it now, while there are devices from spring purchases.

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John Techno

Greetings, everyone! I am John Techno, and my expedition in the realm of household appliances has been a thrilling adventure spanning over 30 years. What began as a curiosity about the mechanics of these everyday marvels transformed into a fulfilling career journey.

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  1. Sage

    Why are home appliances becoming more expensive again? Are there any specific factors or reasons driving this price increase?

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