Holiday bread two chocolates from Chef Alexander Seleznyov

Chef Alexander Seleznev

When the weekend comes, the family members are always faced with a non-interesting question: what shall we have for dessert?? Store cakes, pies and pretzels are pretty boring. We would like something very delicious, but our own, homemade. What exactly? Let’s ask the famous chef Alexander Seleznyov. Today it offers to create a perfect miracle

Lick my fingers

Using the latest model of Panasonic bread machine. So, prepared, we will bake a festive bread “two chocolates” from Alexander Seleznev.

We’ll need

Light dough: 6g 1 tsp. scoop of dry yeast,

Add 300g of flour,

4 tbsp. with a spoonful of granulated sugar,

6 g salt,

50g butter,

5 g panifarin dry

gluten ,

5 g vanilla sugar,

180 grams of 3.2% fat milk,

50 grams of dark chocolate 75% cocoa for the filling.

Chocolate dough: 6 g 1 tsp. A spoonful of dry yeast,

300 g flour, 4 tbsp 2 oz milk. Spoonfuls of granulated sugar,

6g salt, 50g butter,

5 g of panifarin dried gluten ,

5 g vanilla sugar,

180 g of 3.2% proof milk,

50 white chocolate chips for the filling.


Holiday bread

Place all the ingredients for the chocolate cake in the baking tray and select the pizza program. In 5 minutes add melted chocolate.

Divide the ready chocolate dough into 8 equal parts and shape into balls. Roll them out lightly, put a piece of white chocolate in the center of each one, form round cakes and cover them with foil.

Load all the ingredients for making light dough into the baking container, select the program Pizza.

Divide the light dough into 8 portions, shape into balls. Roll them out, put a piece of dark chocolate in the center, form into round cakes and cover them with clingfilm.

Take the dough mixing spatula out of the container. Stagger the white and chocolate dough balls in a baking dish: 2 layers of 8 balls each.

Put the bucket in the bread machine and let it proof for 1 hour. Select Baking mode, cooking time – 1 hour, press “Start”.

Put the ready bread on the cooling rack and cover with a towel.

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