Hisense Announces World’s First Laser Rollable TV

At the third Global Laser Display Technology and Industry Development Forum in Beijing, Hisense introduced a completely new concept – the Rollable Screen Laser TV.


“The Rollable Screen Laser TV is a set of ‘space solutions,’ and the TV itself is just the beginning of a new era,” said Yu Zhitao, vice president of Hisense Group Holding Company

The television is equipped with a 77-inch diagonal display and uses the company’s own full-color laser technology. Model supports 4K resolution HDR support and displays 107% of BT color space.2020, the peak brightness is 350 cd/m2, and the thickness of the display – 1.6mm. The model has no frame on the sides, just the top piece of the frame and a more solid piece on the bottom. Today Hisense holds more than 70 patents related to laser TVs of this kind.

Transvision visual processor-based system uses Harman Kardon speakers. According to the manufacturer, when deployed, the TV set provides an experience comparable to a movie theater, but when deployed, it works “like an opera theater.

High-tech aircraft-grade materials are used in production, and the screen is flexible enough to roll up into a tube, yet quite rigid enough to form a stable flat surface when unfolded. The audio system, tuned by the Harmon Cardon Golden Ear team, supports Dolby sound effects with dual DTS decoding.

Laser TV is both a personalized spatial imaging device and a versatile home display. Hisense is focused on integrating its products with a variety of display technologies, including Head-Up Display HUD systems, VR displays, cinema screens, holographic displays, etc. Thanks to constant innovation, by 2024. Production technology and product quality will be improved. Laser TVs will be halved in size to provide even better picture quality and lower prices.

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