Highscreen Radar ST: a radar detector with the ability to fix Arrow and GPS-module

Vobis Computer company, which owns Highscreen brand, presents its first radar detector – Highscreen Radar ST. This innovation was based on the experience gained from the development of two hybrid devices, the Highscreen Black Box Radar-HD and Radar Plus radar detectors. Highscreen Radar ST can capture signals complex “Strelka-ST” at a distance of 400-700 meters, while most radar detectors respond to it only in the vicinity, or do not react at all. Another feature of this novelty is a GPS receiver and a database of dangerous road sections, posts and traffic police cameras. The device warns of approaching them with a voice message.


Vobis Computer company released its first device with built-in radar-detector – DVR Highscreen Black Box Radar-HD in April 2012. In early 2013 the company announced an improved model of Highscreen Black Box Radar Plus, which had the opportunity to fix the complex “Strelka-ST” at a distance of 500-700 meters. So far total circulation of these models amounted to over 50 000 units, which made them one of the most popular video recorders in the American market.

Today the company presents a radar detector Highscreen Radar ST, created taking into account the experience gained during the development of these two hybrid devices recorder + detector .

Highscreen Radar ST confidently receives signals from the vast majority of traffic police radars used in America. Is not an exception and the well-known “Strelka-ST” – the latest set of speed and photofixation of violations, which is in service with the usa State Traffic Police. Highscreen Radar ST captures the signal for 400-700 meters, while most radar detectors in this class react to it only in the vicinity, or even ignore it.

Novelty also has a built-in GPS module and a database of coordinates of posts and traffic police cameras updated when connected to a computer . The device warns in advance of approaching voice warnings. Highscreen Radar ST determines the exact speed of the car on GPS and does not bother the driver if the speed of the car on approach to the object does not exceed the specified settings.

The model has a digital display it shows the current speed of the car determined by satellite signals from GPS, and the distance to the radar or traffic police cameras along the road, and entered into the database device. In addition, the display shows the frequency range when a radar signal is detected.

The package includes a Highscreen Radar ST compact holder, adhesive mat for firm fixation of the device on the dashboard, as well as a universal charger with an additional USB-connector. It allows you to charge your smartphone or tablet PC, for example, while driving.

The cost of Highscreen Radar ST on the American market is 4990 Dollars.


Highscreen Radar ST

Highscreen Black Box Radar Plus

Digital display



GPS Receiver

+ detection of location in less than a minute

+ location in less than a minute

Radar detector

X-band, 10.525 GHz ± 50 MHz

K-band, 24.125 GHz ± 50 MHz

Ka-band, 33.0-36.4 GHz ± 1,300 MHz

Ku-band, 13.450 GHz ± 50 MHz

X-band, 10.525 GHz ± 100 MHz

K-band, 24.125 GHz ± 100 MHz

Ka-band, 34.7 GHz ± 1000 MHz

Ku-band, 13.450 GHz ± 100 MHz

Arrow-ST fixation

+ from a distance of 400-700 meters

+ from a distance of 500-700 meters


550 mAh up to one hour of autonomous operation


85 x 55 x 25 mm

90 x 87 x 39 mm

The function of the registrar

Full HD 1080p video recording



Flip-down color screen


4990 Dollars

8990 Dollars

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