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Melsele, Belgium, August 12, 2014 -Pioneer is proud to introduce the P2-K/S, a compact hi-fi component system consisting of the SX-P01 stereo receiver and the all-new N-P01 network audio player. The new player is also compatible with other systems, particularly the previously released P1-K/S for playing CDs. The P2-K/S comes with high-quality two-way speakers.

Audio equipment

P2-K/S is a compact hi-fi component system consisting of the SX-P01 stereo receiver and the all-new N-P01 network audio player

Stereo receiverSX-P01

The SX-P01 plays the role of a guiding center and, at the same time, the power station of the P2/P1-K/S system. It’s a performance stereo receiver with Direct Energy HD amplifier that delivers 75 watts of pure musical power to two speakers. Its sound quality is comparable to that of Pioneer full-size hi-fi systems. Preamp is separated into a separate unit with its own power supply. The SX-P01 features multiple audio terminals for different types of audio, making it easy to connect multiple sources of multimedia files to the receiver. The SX-P01 is also available with an integrated DAB tuner as part of the P2/P1DAB-K/S system.

Network audio playerN-P01

The N-P01 is included in the P2-K/S compact stereo system, but is also available as an option for the already available P1-K/S set. What’s more, this player can be connected to any hi-fi system – regardless of the compatible solution, the N-P01’s list of features is impressive.

Above all, the N-P01 plays music from a PC, Mac, or NAS connected via wire or Wi-Fi, and provides access to online radio with vTuner support. The player can be connected to Bluetooth devices like smartphones and tablets, in which case high sound quality will provide support for aptX audio codec. And, the N-P01 is also AirPlay compatible, allowing access to the popular music service Spotify.

Using the USB terminal on the front, you can connect your iPod, iPhone or iPad as well as other USB devices to the player. N-P01 supports MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, FLAC, ALAC, and AIFF, and high-definition sound in WAV, FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, and DSD 2.8 MHz .

Built-in 192 kHz/32-bit DAC converter ensures that digital files are converted to pure music, preserving even the finest nuances of the original signal.

And all this is made simple with a functional, handy infrared remote control and a 3.5″ LCD color display on the front panel featuring album artwork. Of course, you can control the N-P01 with the Pioneer ControlApp, available as a free download from the App Store or Google Play.


Rounding out the package are two two-way phase-inverter speakers in a high-gloss black, high-strength fiberglass design. They feature a 12-centimeter woofer and a 25-millimeter tweeter.

Appearance and finish

All of the products in the new stereo set have a modern look and feel. This is underscored by the aluminum trim elements, which will blend in with any interior. Includes a universal remote control that fits all items in the system.

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