High aspirations: Rendamax heating boilers were selected for a rooftop boiler house in a New York business center

In recent years, rooftop boilers are gaining popularity. This can be explained by the convenience of such a solution: the length of the building utilities is reduced and access to them is facilitated. In developing the design of the business center “Diagonal House”, located in the north of the capital, engineers have chosen this approach. As the main element of the heating system designers chose boilers R3404 company Rendamax, a member of the Ariston Thermo Group.

Condensing boilers

For all their advantages, rooftop boilers require compliance with rather strict rules. For example, since the equipment is located in the immediate vicinity of workers or residential areas, the noise level of the installation should be kept to a minimum. The sound emitted by the R3404 does not exceed 62 dBA. This corresponds to the requirements, for example, of class “A” business centers.

But quiet operation is not the only advantage of the Rendamax. The uniqueness of the boilers lies in the premix burner with new technology of finned tubes. The point is that the combustible mixture is “prepared” in advance, ensuring an optimal ratio of gas to air in the combustion chamber. This, in turn, contributes to the most complete combustion.

Heating equipment

R3404 boilers from Rendamax of Ariston Thermo Group.

The R3404 is of the condensing type, which also allows it to use the fuel “to the max”. During combustion emits flue gases with high moisture content, which, in the case of traditional equipment, literally fly up the chimney flue . In condensing models these gases are cooled, and the moisture contained is condensed on the tubes of the heat exchanger. This is an additional source of energy. In addition, the units have a deep power modulation, allowing the most efficient combustion of fuel and minimum coolant consumption.

This approach also affects the environmental friendliness of the appliances: as the maximum “exhaust” combustion products are released into the atmosphere, CO emissions are 3 to 9 pp and NOx emissions are 12 to 35 ppm. This index is even lower than the requirements of the European standard Blue Angel for buildings of similar purpose.

The demountable structure and comparatively low weight distinguish these boilers for their high maintainability. In other words, they are easy to transport to the place of installation, as well as to move indoors for troubleshooting, if such a need arises.

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