Hi-Fi & High End Show 2019 starts next week

What to do next weekend for lovers of quality sound and video and audiophiles? Of course, visit the oldest American exhibition of audio and video equipment Hi-Fi & High End Show 2019. The exposition will take place from April 11 to 14 at Aquarium Hotel Crocus Expo, New York .


This year, the organizers pay special attention to the demonstration of modern digital technology. In addition to the traditional exposition of hi-fi and high end equipment, the guests will be able to appreciate the equipment of the world leading manufacturers for streaming music in high quality. Look for the “Hi-Fi Streaming” sign on the floorplans and in the rooms themselves, which means that the exhibitor is displaying music streaming equipment and services.

Exhibitors will offer the latest devices and solutions for the judgment of the audience, for example, among the announced: MERGING+NADAC PL8 + PWR network player, Chord Poly portable cordless streaming module, Cary Audio DMS-550 full-size stationary network player, Canton Smart series network multi-room components, Naim ND 555 network media player streamer, Naim NDX 2, Naim Uniti Atom, Naim Mu-so Special Edition multiroom and streaming services, Ruark multiroom and streaming services, NAD M10 compact integrated amplifier with streamer functionality, Pionner N-70AE network player for Deezer demo, T+A MP8 network player and T+A multi-sources and much more.


Among the participants of the project Hi-Fi Streaming: Audiomania rooms 601, 609, 617, 618 , NEXT Hi-Fi rooms 401, 402, 403 , Bonanza room 218 , ALEF HI-FI and GC DIGIS rooms 201, 301 , FCI room 501 , Simple Distribution room 309 , Starlingbox room 506 , Barnsly rooms 603, 614 , Yamaha room 321, 325 , Inforcom room 509 , Homesound room 314 , Digital Fruits room 606 , BenQ room 503 , Qvinta room 514, 518 , Absolute Audio room 210 , CI GROUP room 305 and others.

Another interesting project is Hi-Fi Portable, a display of headphones and portable equipment. It has a separate room on the 6th floor of the Aquarium Hotel – Panoramic. Exhibitors in the room: Digital Fruits, MMS, Next Hi-Fi, Bonanza, CI Group, Stealth Sonics, Stereopravda, Kennerton/Fischer Audio, the brands they will present: AUDEZE, Schiit Audio, Focal, Denon, KEF, Porsche Design, Beyerdynamic, PSB, Chord, Stealth Sonics, Kennerton, Fischer Audio, StereoPravda.


Also here at Hi-Fi Portable is an interesting promotion from Avreport and the Reference Audio Analyzer project “Unlock your headphones’ potential”. You can get in-depth advice on how to get your portable audio system to sound its best. Using a special measuring complex they will determine the basic parameters of your headphones and on their basis will give you personal recommendations on what equipment these headphones can reach their fullest potential. You can also test your headphones by connecting them to various audio sources and amplifiers. The event will take place from April 11 to 14 at the Aquarium Hotel’s Panoramic Hall, and don’t forget to bring your favorite headphones to the show.

Next door to the Panorama Room is another exhibit of headphones and portable technology. In the Small Conference Hall on the 6th floor Blade group of companies will hold its dealer conference. On April 11 from 12:30 to 18:00, key vendors from Audio-Technica, FiiO, RHA, Hifiman, Meze Audio, Audio Pro will perform here. Vendors will present their own companies, tell about the product line concepts and present the most expected novelties of the current year.


Among other interesting projects and events:

* Hi-Fi Vinyl separate room 19, floor 4 – vinyl records trade fair

* Battle of the formats – an experiment in comparing analogue and digital sound sources April 13th and 14th, Panoramic Hall, Floor 6

* Lectures on vinyl and headphones April 13 and 14, Panoramic Hall, floor 6

* Prize drawing April 13 and 14 . Among the prizes: Sonus Faber SONETTO III white floor acoustics, KEF LSX wireless music system, Yamaha WXC-50 network player, REEZOLDINI Cinema 7F speaker system, DUNU DK-3001 headphones.


Interesting? Don’t forget to register for free at the Hi-Fi & High End Show 2019 until April 10. After April 10, a ticket to the exhibition can only be bought at the box office.


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