HDDs are going down in history. Toshiba introduces new SSDs in Q300 line

Toshiba’s European Storage Division is introducing two new solid state drives SSDs to its Q300 product line. The series includes the flagship Q300 Pro, a multi-level cell MLC workstation drive, and the Q300, a TLC drive to replace mechanical hard drives. Both drives use A19 NAND flash memory and fast Toshiba controllers, support Zeroing TRIM and Native Command Queuing.

Computers and peripherals

The flagship Q300 Pro SSD is designed for gamers, graphics professionals and other demanding users. This model combines high speed performance with economical power consumption. New products are based on 2-bit cell memory MLC , support Adaptive Size SLC Write caching technology, Read-only and Patrol Read modes, temperature control and error correction with QSB ECC. Q300 Pro lineup includes 128GB, 256GB and 512GB SSDs.

Model Q300 is suitable for upgrading computers with mechanical hard drives, medium-powered systems and office configurations. 3-Bit Cell TLC memory supports Read-only operation. Q300 is available in capacities of 120GB, 240GB, 480GB, and 960GB.

SSDs, also known as HDDs, are much faster and use significantly less power than HDDs due to the use of NAND memory as a storage medium. NAND data access is instantaneous, accelerating the boot and hibernation times to five times faster! SSDs have no moving parts, are quieter, use six times less power than HDDs and are more shock and vibration resistant.

All these advantages make the SSD essential for creative professionals, gamers and office workers who want to spend their time more efficiently. New products enable faster loading and processing of graphics and video, quicker game startup, faster system on/off, and longer battery life in a compact size for portable devices.

New SSD models to be available from September starting from 9010 Dollars. for Q300 Pro and from 5982 Dollars. behind the Q300.

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