HARMAN introduces new Soundcraft Vi2000 digital mixer

Harman’s Soundcraft Vi range of digital concert mixers includes the new Vi2000. The Soundcraft Vi2000 is a combination of the unique Vistonics user interface and the Soundcraft Spider Core DSP, a powerful integrated processor and router built by Studer by HARMAN.


The centerpiece of the Soundcraft Vi2000 design is the Vistonics interface, which provides direct access to all functions and the most complete information display. Numerous switches and rotary encoders are built in each of the screens. Thus the interface is similar to analogue mixers: all necessary physical elements are at your fingertips.

Soundcraft Vi2000 sound quality is provided by 40-bit floating-point processing in the Soundcraft SpiderCore processor. The combination of DSP and FPGA technologies allows for maximum performance in both audio processing and routing.


Maximum console configuration – 48 microphone line inputs, 16 line outputs on 16-channel XLR modules, located in four slots on the rear panel. Soundcraft Vi2000 also has two additional slots to connect two 64-channel Stagebox via MADI. As an alternative, D21m format cards for various audio interfaces can be installed in the same slots. Maximum number of channels handled – 246 inputs and 246 outputs.

DIGIS Group of Companies has developed training courses on Soundcraft digital consoles, which are held at our training center, follow the announcements of webinars! The courses are free of charge.

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