HANSA: steam and automatic dosing

HANSA presented two models of the new series of washing machines Hansa ProWash.


One of the main features of WHP8141DBLS is a Steam Touch function, which eliminates creases and folds on clothes and makes the process of ironing easier. Seven pre-set programs of washing with steam provide gentle care for your clothes, and the feeling of freshness will last longer, even without the use of conditioner.

The model is also equipped with OptiDose technology, which itself determines the required amount of detergent and rinse aid depending on the load and the selected program. And the Woolmark-approved ApparelCare feature for woollens will prevent the fabric from warping during the wash, preserving its pristine look.

Thanks to the LogicDrive2 motor.0 which runs on electromagnetic field, Hansa ProWash washing machines have very low power consumption and noise level. The motor contains fewer parts, exposed to mechanical impact, which ensures a longer life of the washing machine.

The new range is equipped with a system to control imbalance. A special 3D sensor located at the bottom of the washing machine tank detects that there is more laundry in one part of the drum than in the other, and as a result, the washing machine begins to evenly distribute the laundry by rotating the drum in different directions. The absence of imbalance also increases durability and reduces operating noise.

A special system of additional loading of laundry Add+ will allow to get or load a needed thing of any size 70% of the time during the washing, and the increased loading door of Hansa washing machines allows easy loading and high quality washing of voluminous items.

Two models of the new series are equipped with multifunctional display and SoftDrum, which allows gentle washing of fabrics even at 1400 rpm. Due to the droplet-shaped honeycomb the laundry when washing and spinning almost does not touch the drum itself, t.k. between the drum and the laundry is created a water “cushion”, with which the things are in contact.

The quick wash program in 15 minutes is ideal for lightly soiled items with no visible stains, saving time and preventing fabric wear and tear.

Price: from 19 999 p.

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