Hansa Plug induction hob overview&Play BHIW67303


The induction hob is more economical in comparison to most induction and glass ceramic HiLight hobs with a standard power of 7 kW or more. More energy efficient than gas because it heats up faster and uses less energy

Hansa Plug&Play induction hob BHIW67303

Hansa Plug&Play induction hob BHIW67303


White is classic, clean, fresh, festive… Any kitchen with a hob will look stylish: white – complete and harmonious, pastel with a bright white accent that catches the eye, and even dark – with a refreshing “antithesis”, which gives the whole interior mystery. Especially in a stylish kitchen, there’s always something to go with the white induction. With a starchy tablecloth on the table, with fine dishes, with snow-white curtains, with your smile at last.


Highest energy efficiency.

BHIW67303 Plug & Play induction hob is one of the most energy efficient on the market: The new EGO II self regulating module regulates the power automatically and does not allow the hob to exceed 3,7 kW, even when all 4 heating zones are active. The model is more economical in comparison with the majority of induction and glass ceramic HiLight surfaces, whose standard power starts from 7 kW. The surface has a higher efficiency in comparison with the gas because it heats up quicker and consumes less energy. Induction hobs are ideal for houses where wiring capacity is limited – for example, in the country house.

Plug&Play technology.

The idiom “Plug & Play”, or “plug & play”. means the principle of easy installation and the possibility to use the device immediately after turning it on. Includes a cord that plugs into a regular outlet, which is very convenient for installation.


As with any induction hob, the Plug&Play BHIW67303 is much safer than any electric cooktop, let alone gas, because only the area directly under the cookware gets hot.


4 induction fields, each with a function of rapid heating “booster.

Ceramic glass panel.

A 22 cm diameter front left burner with 2.3 kW power, an 18 cm diameter front right and 1 kW back left burner, a 22 cm diameter back right burner with 1.5 kW power.

The dimensions of the worktop: 57,6×51,8 cm.


Touch-sensitive switches.

Food availability and size detection.

Residual heat indicator.

Child lock.

Timer for each heating zone.

18,999 Dollars.

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