Hansa KF 5356-90 FN X Series Titanium Freestanding Refrigerator Overview

The refrigerator is equipped with the latest technology. The freezer compartment features the professional NoFrost system that prevents formation of ice and allows to forget about defrosting forever.


Freestanding refrigerator with bottom freezer Hansa KF 5356-90 FN X Series Titanium


DIMENSIONS: 201×59,5×60 cm.

VOLUME: total net volume – 312 l, refrigerator compartment – 222 l, freezer compartment – 90 l.


FROST STORAGE UNIT: NoFrost, SuperFreeze function, 2 clear plastic boxes, freezing speed 6 kg/day, freezer self-sufficiency 17 h, ice tray.

COOLING STORAGE: NoFrost, SuperCool function, LED lighting, 3DAIR system, stainless steel exterior, three adjustable shelves, four door pockets, egg basket, tempered glass shelves.


CONTROL: electronic, LED-display, separate control of refrigerator and freezer compartments.

CONSTRUCTION: 1 low-vibration compressor, 2 cooling circuits, noise level – 43 dB, climate class SN-T, energy class A+.

COLOUR: stainless steel, white.

WARRANTY: 1 year.




The refrigerator is equipped according to the latest technologies. The freezer compartment features the NoFrost professional system, which prevents formation of ice and makes you forget about defrosting forever.

3Dair system is a special fan in the refrigerator compartment that maintains a constant temperature on all shelves.

SuperFreeze feature allows you to quickly freeze all the food you take from the store while keeping its nutritional properties. Special fan for the uniform distribution of cold on all shelves.

ATR function prevents harmful bacteria from multiplying and enables to take care of the inside surface of the appliance very easily.

Eco Function saves energy consumption.

The system of hanging airtight drawers on the refrigerator door and adjustable shelves provide convenient placement of any foodstuffs.


The design is timeless and elegant. A combination of Scandinavian style and minimalist design.

The LCD display on the front panel not only helps to control the refrigerator but also decorates it. The freezer compartment and the refrigerator compartment can be controlled separately.

In the refrigerator it is used a special LED-lighting that makes the illumination brighter by 30%, saving at the same time 50% of electricity.


The refrigerator is adapted to American conditions, in case of a sudden power cut it will keep the cold for 17 hours, and this time is enough to fix the problem.

Stylish design, high quality, electronic control.

No fresh food preservation zone.

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