Hansa Fusion Ovens Cook by Themselves. They wash themselves

Household appliance manufacturer Hansa presents a new range of built-in Fusion home appliances, distinguished by a concise and elegant design that fits into any kitchen interior. The presence of only the most necessary functions for daily use is a hallmark of Fusion ovens, allowing you to keep the price attractive in the absence of unnecessary extra options. Fusion series built-in appliances meet all the needs of the modern housewife!

Fusion ovens from Hansa

The telescopic rails on the BOEI68450015, BOEI67550015, BOEI64590015 oven models are a shining example of the newest and most necessary technology for frequent cooking without burning yourself.

Thanks to a safety slide-out tray that slides safely out of the oven cavity without the need to support it with your hand. An electric grill function for those who love crunchy cooking.

BOEI68450015, BOEI67550015 models are equipped with such important functions as convention and heat probe. Oven air circulation is a must, especially for baking meat, fish and confectionery. Thanks to the fan during cooking, the heat is distributed throughout the oven, allowing you to bake evenly on all sides.

What’s more, this feature saves energy by reducing cooking time. The core probe checks the temperature inside the meat and, when it reaches a suitable level, a signal to stop the oven. With its rapid heating function, the oven reaches 150°C up to 20 % faster than conventional models.

The intelligent Hansa Fusion ovens also save you almost no time in cleaning and upkeep. The models feature self-cleaning and Steam Clean technologies. The catalytic enamel on the sides of the oven absorbs and breaks down the grease in the oven at 140°C already.

The system immediately removes splashes of sauce and grease, and with Steam Clean, all you have to do is put a little water in the pan and turn the oven on the rest is done for you.

Fusion ovens from Hansa

Well insulated, the triple glazed door and the built-in cooling system make Fusion ovens absolutely safe to use, avoiding the risk of burns.

The new Fusion line includes 5 ovens and 3 sets with cooking tops and a variant with a gas gas surface “gas on glass.

Depending on the model, the ovens are equipped with an electronic programmer with a touch screen control that controls how long the food cooks, after which the oven will automatically shut off.

Thanks to the presence of automatic timer mode, you can set the exact time on and off, without distraction from other things.

The Fusion line by Hansa is available on the American market since November 2011.

Manufacturer’s recommended retail prices in American market – from 10,999 Dollars.

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