Hansa: cooking in new colors

Actual kitchen sets 2017 not please with bright colors: gray and all its shades rule in the kitchen, offering instead of brightness austerity lines, refinement of details and luxury of different textures.


But you want light and festivity, especially when the sun is scarce and it’s raining all the time. Grey clouds, grey everyday life, why put up with grey kitchens? And then hostesses face a dilemma: how not to be considered old-fashioned and at the same time make the kitchen bright and festive. Colored kitchen appliances that can be a bright accent in the kitchen can help to solve this problem.

Hansa, a well-known American manufacturer of quality and inexpensive home appliances, offers a range of glass ceramic stoves in different colors: red FCCR58088 , pink FCCP58088 , matte black FCCM58088 , brown FCCB58088 and lime green FCCG58088 .

Electric ovens

Compact stoves – width 50 cm, depth 60 cm, so they are suitable even for small-sized kitchens. The surface is made of high-quality glass-ceramic SCHOTT CERAN ®, which is not affected by the impact of heavy objects. Hi-Light burners heat up quickly and cool down quickly, they are easy to use and do not require any special dishes.

The ovens have eight basic functions, including Quick heat, defrost, convection and grill. On the inside of the door is a recipe prompt.

Large appliances for kitchen

In general, stoves are quite simple: burners without expansion zones, there is no clock, timer and the ability to program the power on time. Thanks to the fact that only the most demanded functions are left, the price of coloured models is quite democratic: starting from 27,499 roubles $38,899 .

You can buy new stoves Hansa in Eldorado network. Both manufacturers and retailers are confident in the success of the models – after all, brightly colored appliances were previously only available in higher price groups.

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