Hansa: a separate stove for a worthwhile appetite

Hansa stoves from Practica series are indispensable in any kitchen: their affordable price includes all necessary functions for efficient cooking.

Hansa Practica FCGW 50000010 and FCGW 54001010 gas stoves are notable for their safety, affordability and ease of use. The pull-out drawer is convenient for keeping dishes, while the “CoolFront” double-glazed door and gas control oven ensure the safety of the inhabitants of the house. The removable door and the inner glass of the oven, along with the special enamel coating on the inner surfaces of the oven will make taking care of the stove especially easy. Recommended retail price for Hansa Practica FCGW 50000010 model – from 8 700 Dollars, and for FCGW 54001010 model with electric ignition of gas burners – from 9 700 Dollars!

Hansa FCEW 51001011 is an electric stove from the Hansa Practica range. Lighted oven, two enameled trays and a roasting rack will help you perform the most unusual cooking tasks. Recommended retail price of the stove – from 8 700 Dollars. Its closest competitor in this price category – Hansa FCEW 53013030 stove from the Maxima series – also has an electric rotisserie, grill and two rapid heating plates, while the recommended price of the stove is from 9,700 Dollars.

Affordable and reliable Hansa stoves are cheap and indispensable in an apartment, a holiday home or in the countryside.

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    What is the benefit of having a separate stove for a worthwhile appetite like Hansa?

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