Hair straightener test: style and rule!

Straighteners are the most popular hair care appliances of the last decade. According to the major manufacturers, even during the crisis in 2008, this category of goods – the only one in the whole segment – showed a steady increase in sales. In other words, most modern girls can’t live without a straightener: after all, it’s the one that helps us be stylish, fashionable and win men’s hearts. And since this is the case, let’s try to choose the best one!

Hair straighteners

– Philips ProCare Keratin HP8361

– Valera 100.01/IS SWISS&rsaquo X Brush and shine

– Remington S6500 Sleek and Curl Hair

– GA.MA Professional IHT Tourmaline P21.IHT.Slim

– Lamark LK-1234 Vanessa

How it was tested?

The group of tested women used the devices for two months and recorded their evaluations in questionnaires. The girls evaluated each device according to five main parameters:

– ergonomics convenience of operation

– the quality of straightening and the parameters affecting it: the speed of heating, the presence or absence of vibration of the plates, the contact of the plates, the gliding of the hair

– The possibility and convenience of curling with the straightener

– The work of ionization if there is one

– safety auto shutoff, etc. . .

Tell me, girls, to your girlfriend..

In the editorial office and on the website we receive a lot of questions from those girls who have already bought a hair straightener and those who are only going to. After conducting our test and consulting with experts, we were able to answer most of the. So…

I bought a hair straightener, I turned it on and the plates shake and vibrate. It is not harmful?

Nastya Ageyeva, New York.

“BT”: Sound vibrations that cause vibration of the plates are used in the most “advanced” models. By vibrating the plates, the plates help to spread your hair more evenly, and most importantly, to prevent you from squeezing it with an “iron hand” between the plates and causing it to stand still: because doing so creates so-called “overheat points” where the hair cuticle can be damaged. The vibration of the plates greatly reduces the risk of hair damage. So it’s even good for you!

There is a strange smell coming from the rectifier – not plastic, but very familiar. What it can be?

Regina Galimzyanova, Khimki.

“BT”: If you have a rectifier with a generator of ions negatively charged particles , it is possible that when they are produced, they produce the smell of ozone. This means that the ionization, for which you probably paid extra models with this feature cost more , works!

Ionization is a PR story or an effective function?

Svetlana Alabina, Perm.

“BT”: This is technically difficult to verify during a test, so we have to trust the reputable manufacturers who test their products in laboratories and compare the effects on the hair of their own devices without ionization with the effects of models that have this feature. Everyone has different percentages of effectiveness, but there is one conclusion: yes, there is a difference. Above all, hair loses less of its natural moisture, becomes less electric, looks better cared for and has more shine. During our test we noticed this effect on the condition of the hair. The more that the test took place in the cold season, when all the aprobantki already wore hats, under which the hair is electrified very strongly. After you straighten your hair with a hair straightener with a built-in ionizer, it won’t fly loose and will hold its shape after you remove the headband.

What’s the best coating for your plates??

Anne S., Oranienbaum.

“BT”: In the twenty-first century, this is the topic of a dissertation, but let’s say at least the basic. Special often patented coatings of the plates are designed to reduce friction and improve sliding of the working surface on the hair. They can also have additional benefits. Almost all manufacturers have ceramic coatings. Devices with ceramic plates – no extra “frills” and have a good price-quality ratio. The ceramic-coated plates of the straightener emit infrared heat that heats your hair more evenly and is faster, gentler, and more efficient. Ceramic coatings with various dustings and inclusions most often nano-diamond or tourmaline already increase the cost of the device. Tourmaline is a mineral that is naturally ionizing. Nano-particles of diamond or tourmaline make the plate coatings super-smooth and help rid hair of static electricity by producing negatively charged ions. Titanium coatings have excellent thermoregulation, instantly heating to the desired temperature, in addition, they are durable. Teflon coatings provide good gliding and even heat distribution. Mixed ceramic-tourmaline, ceramic-tephlon with nano-diamonds, ceramic-titanium combines several properties. Antibacterial coatings prevent the growth of bacteria on the surface of the device and protect the health of your hair.

What styling products can be used with the straightener?

Olga Ivanichenko, New York.

“BT: We wouldn’t advise doing this at all: the smell and smoke coming from your hair, as well as the dirty plates of the appliance, are unlikely to please you. If you really need to, it can be special products for hot styling, but in any case not gels or waxes. We are not afraid to use Teflon as a coating, it is the feature of such models as “Teflon” and “Teflon Pro”. The most successful coating in this regard – advanced ceramics. It does not allow styling products to stick to the plates of the straightener. In the test there is a device with such a coating – from Remington.

Can I straighten my hair when it’s wet?? My daughter does it all the time, and she has already ruined her hair!

Tatiana Viktorovna, Kolomna.

“BT”: Doing it is highly undesirable and generally dangerous, even from the point of view of electrical safety. It’s often spelled out in the instructions. Hair should never be allowed to get wet! Wet hair dried with a hair dryer or towel to prevent water from dripping out can only be straightened with appliances that have special vapor holes in their hoods in our test it was the Lamark model and have this feature.

My girlfriend says she curls her hair with the hair straightener. How do I do it??

Olga Kopasovskaya, Kaliningrad.

“BT”: We also say so, it’s quite realistic, and almost any device, you just need to practice. In our test we did it with all the models, but the champions are Remington, Philips, Ga.Ma. Experts recommend the following algorithm:

Hold the device in a position that provides the necessary styling direction. Separate a strand about 3-4 cm wide. Place the strand between the plates at 3-5 cm from the tips of your hair, press the plates together firmly. After a few seconds move the styler towards the tips of your hair. When your hair is 3-5 cm from the tips of your hair, curl it in the desired direction with the hair straightener. To avoid overheating your hair, don’t leave the appliance on one part of the strand during styling. Repeat the steps in 20 seconds until you achieve the desired effect. Do not brush your hair until it has cooled down, as this can disrupt the styling.

Hair straighteners

Which straightener is the most convenient for curling hair??

Alena, Penza.

“BT”: In our test, we found three components. The first thing is a smooth and preferably rounded shape of the body: if the body is angular, you will get “curls” accordingly. The second is the heating of the body in the area of the plates. Yes, it requires care, but it’s perfect for creating curls! Thirdly – the presence of grooves on the outside of the body that guide the hair and do not allow them to sprawl when curling.

The plates of the rectifier do not contact well, there is a big gap between them. It’s true that it still straightens hair, but maybe it would be better without the slit? I asked my friends, but no one has this problem!

Diana Mamedova, New York.

“BT”: Experts believe that the loose contact between the plates, which is often complained about by girls, is designed for easy styling with the straightener. This is a feature of models such as “2 in 1”. And if the device also has vibrating plates, there should be no problems at all: they move the hair for optimal contact with the surface. But during the test we noticed one limitation: if your hair is naturally fine or straightened, the gap between the plates still prevents the straightening. Sometimes there is a gap near the grip and it disappears closer to the tip, it is normal, but worth considering while laying.

Straighteners on sale now cost 500-700 Dollars. They look decent, but they are probably worse than the 2,000-3,000?

Olesya Taurus, Maikop.

“BT”: Any technique is divided into price categories: premium, medium and economy class. Much depends on the level of brand promotion: do not forget that it’s you, the consumer, who pays for their beautiful advertising, guest stars for it, rent the most expensive outlets, etc.d. All these costs are included in the cost of the devices. Of course, the firm also puts: in technology in straighteners it is special coating of plates, ionization, sound vibrations of the plates , ergonomics digital displays , design, safety … However, among the economy class appliances you are asking about, you can find decent devices, optimal in price and quality. As a rule they do not have some functions – like ionization and auto shutoff, no display and temperature regulation with an accuracy of 10 degrees. The main thing is to have temperature control, and the plates have a ceramic or other safe coating.

I have long, thick hair. Which straightener is right for me?

Irina Kovalskaya, New York region.

“BT”: You should choose a device with at least 110mm long plates and a maximum plate temperature of at least 200 degrees if your hair is thick there are many devices on the market with maximum heat up to 180 degrees .

How to choose the temperature of the straightening, so as not to damage the hair?

Stranger, New York.

“BT”: All manufacturers give such advice on their websites and in the instructions of the device. Much depends on the model of the straightener: the coating of the plates, the presence or absence of vibration, the type of heating element, so be sure to read the recommendations in the manual. The general rule is: straighten fine, dyed, burned-out hair at temperatures up to 150 degrees. Normal hair – at 160-180 degrees. Very stiff, curly hair – at 190-200 degrees. The temperature isn’t as dependent on how thick my hair is, but how thick it is. There may be a lot of thin hair, it looks thick, but it does not cease to be thin, and it is easy to damage it – they need a lower temperature.

My rectifier constantly twists the wire, it is very inconvenient. Your advice on what model to replace.

Irina Sadikova, New York.

“BT”: In our test all models have wire attached to the body with a rotating mechanism. A twisted cord is not only uncomfortable, but also unsafe: the cord can deteriorate over time. That is why in our reviews we always give straighteners and hair dryers a fat minus for a non-rotating cord.

My straightener has a shiny coating on the plates after four and a half years, it is not dangerous?

Valeria, New York.

“BT”: The service life of small appliances is usually two to three years. Considering that girls use styling appliances almost every day, your appliance is good! Hardly dangerous if the plates are all-ceramic. Might have chipped the plating, but if the base is a ceramic composite, no big deal.

Stay healthy and beautiful in the New Year!

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