Hair straightener test Remington S6500 Sleek and Curl


Advantages: efficient straightening and curling, thermal cover, extended plates, styling tool,

Hair straighteners

Key lock, auto power off.

For personal care

Drawbacks: No eyelet for hanging, the cord length of 1.8 m may not suit everyone, external heating of the body requires caution.

Remington S6500 Sleek and Curl hair straightener


POWER: 57 Watt.

CONTROL: electronic, digital display, digital temperature adjuster, maxi. T – 230 ⁰C, keylock, light indication of the lock, auto fast heating mode TurboBoost heating in 5-15 seconds , automatic choice of voltage, auto shut off after an hour.

PLASTICS: Advanced Ceramic. Length: 110mm. Width: 28mm.

CONSTRUCTION: extended base plate, rounded plate edges and hair guides, 1.8 meter rotating cable.


Complete with: heat-resistant carrying case, DVD with a demonstration of the capabilities of the device and six different styles of styling, elegant gift box.

DIMENSIONS: 280x30x30 mm.

WEIGHT: 340g.

WARRANTY: 3 years.



On/off button, “+” and “-” buttons for temperature setting are on the side of the device in an unusual way. At first it seemed to be the most

Hair straightener Remington S6500 Sleek and Curl

A good solution: no need to touch the inside of the body with your fingers, and you will not accidentally switch modes, which happens with the external arrangement of the buttons.

However, the buttons themselves were awkwardly shaped – very narrow and deeply recessed, so it is difficult to press them with the fingertips of the same hand that is holding the device. Locking the keys to prevent accidental disruption of the settings is two-second hold button “-” , which is undoubtedly convenient.

Temperature range 140 to 230 ⁰C, display shows both the setting and the selected parameter, readiness and key lock indication.


Heating is almost instantaneous, no vibration of the plates. The process is very fast and efficient, the gliding of the hair is excellent.

The plates do not contact too tightly, but there is no visible gap between them, which allows you to grab the hair not too tightly, but does not let it slip away. The coating of the plates allows the use of styling products, and they do not burn special products for hot styling were used .


The body has a rounded shape, on the outside there are special guides for the hair grooves that hold the hair , in addition,

Hair straightener Remington S6500 Sleek and Curl

The outside of the housing also heats up – not as much as the plates, but enough to effectively grip a curl.

All this in the case and showed itself on the best side: the curls, waves, curls succeeded “perfectly”, and while our approbantka used this device, she did not remember about his curling tongs.


Ionization is claimed to be provided by coated plates. Why does it happen and whether it happens – is unclear.


As promised in the manual, the hair straightener turned off automatically after 60 minutes, which it was on its own thermal bag. No damage to the case. Auto shut-off is triggered when no button is operated for 60 minutes. No heat build-up in the grip area.

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