Hair dryer Supra PHS-2200PRO – health fashion

Of course, dandruff can be a symptom of a serious illness, and when it occurs it is necessary to consult a doctor, but to use the hair dryer as a preventive and caring tool, and in combination with the properly chosen treatment – it is great!

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Hair dryer Supra PHS-2200PRO

Health Fashion

Ionization in a hairdryer is not a surprise any more, and the manufacturers are looking for ways to make it more effective, and here is one of the original solutions from Japanese brand Supra – a hairdryer with jadeite, a semi-precious stone that has medicinal properties.

Of course, dandruff can be a symptom of a serious illness and you should see a doctor when you have it, but using your hair dryer as a preventative and grooming tool, and in conjunction with the right treatment, is great!

The technology of using a jade heater to produce high-frequency infrared rays is patented, as evidenced by a certificate of the American PTO. Jade ions help eliminate dandruff, stimulate blood circulation and nourish the hair roots, and protect the hair from drying out. How does a hair dryer work?? There is a jade ring in the body with a heating element. The hair dryer heats the stone with a stream of heated air from the coil. The jade accumulates heat when heated. Thanks to its strong pyroelectric effect, negative ions concentrate on the surface, creating a beneficial effect on the scalp and reducing static.

– Power 2200 W.

– Clock control – built-in microcontroller for switching power and temperature.

– 7 modes of operation.

– Cold air blowing function.

– LED display.

– Double filter.

– The concentrator attachment.

– Cord length – 3m.

– Suspension loop.


: 2800 Dollars.


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