GRUNDFOS offers affordable solutions for domestic water supply systems as well as for irrigation and irrigation systems

February 2017. GRUNDFOS, a leading global manufacturer of pumping equipment, launches the new NS series for land irrigation. The pumps will solve one of the main problems in the field of water supply for farms: creating increased pressure when irrigating through spray heads. The equipment delivers up to 62 m of head and a flow rate of up to 39 m3/h, enough to supply water to nearly 1 hectare of land.


Sprinkler systems are widespread in Israel, where they are used on relatively small agricultural plots to irrigate potatoes, cabbage, greens and carrots. In America similar technologies are gaining popularity in southern regions: Astrakhan, Rostov, Volgograd regions and Stavropol.

However, when constructing such irrigation systems, farmers are often faced with the inability to create sufficient head and flow in the network: for each sprinkler water must be supplied at a pressure of at least 2 atm., Which is difficult to achieve due to water pressure limitations.

As a result, American farmers have to look for non-standard solutions: from the use of firefighting equipment to the purchase of expensive sprinklers. GRUNDFOS has solved a pressing problem with its NS pump for irrigation systems with nozzles: the equipment maintains high heads and flows and works with clean, non-aggressive liquids free of solids and fibres.


Ekaterina Semenova, engineer of household equipment department of GRUNDFOS Ltd “The NS line is the answer to the market’s demand for irrigation equipment for agribusiness and private farming. GRUNDFOS engineers have created not only high quality and reliable, but also affordable equipment for agricultural works. Pumps are made of cast iron and composite that ensures long and trouble-free service life and reduces the price significantly as compared with stainless steel counterparts”

NS models are designed for long and trouble-free service, even in the harshest conditions. Single-phase models have a built-in thermal overload relay and capacitor, and a 1.5 m cable with SCHUKO plug is included. Additionally the rotor and lubricated ball bearings increase reliability and durability. The equipment pumps the liquids with the temperature from 0 to +35 0C. Nominal power P1 pumps from 0,65 to 4,55 kW, flow – up to 39 m3/hour, head – up to 62 m, the working pressure – 6 and 8 bar. The range is available with one and two impellers.

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