GROHE: every drop counts

On World Water Day we tell you about GROHE products for water purification and saving water in the kitchen and bathroom.

The GROHE Blue Pure system

GROHE Blue Pure is a faucet with a high-tech filter from BWT, making tap water as clean, tasty and safe as possible. And the Ultrasafe version is even able to remove chlorine impurities, biological contaminants, pesticides and bacteria, making even the dirtiest water safe for drinking.

GROHE Blue Home

The GROHE Blue Home water system allows you to get purified and chilled non-carbonated, medium or hard-carbonated water directly from the kitchen faucet, combining convenience, pleasure and sustainability. No more wasting time buying water, lugging around heavy bottles and taking up tons of plastic at home. The GROHE Blue system makes it possible for a family of 4 to eliminate the purchase of 600 plastic bottles a year, thereby reducing plastic waste and carbon dioxide emissions by 61% compared to consuming bottled water.

GROHE Sense and Sense Guard

GROHE Sense and Sense Guard smart devices have become a staple of the new water management and water safety system. In the near future, any homeowner will not only be able to track water consumption accurate to the milliliter, but also control their spending in real time. Not only does it allow you to keep track of your water consumption, it also helps you to recognize water usage patterns, which helps you be more thoughtful about how you use it.

GROHE helps people think about how they use water on a daily basis and do so in a more responsible manner.

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