Goodbye, slags, or Why we need detox in spring?

Winter and the first months of spring are a difficult period for the body, when people consume monotonous foods without vegetable fiber and literally accumulate toxic substances inside the body. US study shows 26-36% increase in cardiovascular mortality during this time. Part of the reason is that people are becoming less health conscious, eating fewer fruits and vegetables, and decreasing physical activity.

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Goodbye, Slags, or Why You Need a Detox in Spring?

“We load the digestive system with processed, refined, or as I also call them, ‘fake’ foods. They are filled with toxins in the form of fructose syrup, hydrogenated oils, dangerous food colorings, monosodium glutamate, preservatives and other substances that are detrimental to health,

– writes American nutritionist Josh Axe in his article “The Best Way to Cleanse”. –

Only a body free of excess can function properly and be healthy, so it needs “cleaning”, and special detoxification programs can help”.

Detox diets are widespread in the U.S. – here have long appreciated the effectiveness of fruit and vegetable therapy, allowing for a short time to perform cleansing and recovery functions of the body. Today in America, detox is becoming one of the most demanded areas of modern nutrition therapy. For 1-3 days, you should drink fresh juices, pure water, and herbal teas instead of food. Such periods not only improve the general condition, but also contribute to a change in eating habits – people want more natural products. The “side” effect of the procedure is weight loss. During one detox course it is quite possible to lose up to 2 kg, as the excess material leaves the body.

“There is a reasonable question – where to get the time and the amount of products for cooking juices?

– says Yulia Smirnova, author of the idea and technologist of Detox Pro, producer of detox juices, smoothies and nut milk. –

In fact, we recommend favoring pre-prepared programs. For example, Detox Pro has 3 of them: basic, advanced and master. For each day you get a set of 6 drinks balanced between each other, prepared by a special technology of cold pressing, which can not be achieved with standard household appliances. In a regular juicer because of the heat of the centrifuge beverage loses most of the useful substances, and after cooking quickly oxidized, which is generally quite harmful. So it’s better to trust your body to professionals.

Fresh juices and smoothies made from natural fruits and vegetables are easy to digest and leave a feeling of fullness, so they can be combined with moderate physical activity. What’s more, exercise will further enhance the cleansing effects of drinks, helping by improving blood flow to accelerate the transport of nutrients throughout the body.

“To get out of “winter hibernation” we recommend a complex update: 1-3 days of detox, sports and proper nutrition. In general, it is desirable to arrange a one-day detox every 7-8 days or a three-day – 2 times a month. You need to move gradually. If you are just getting acquainted with detox on juices, it is enough to do detox days once a week, and at some point your body itself will tell you that it is ready for a 3-day detox program”,

Julia Detox Pro advises.

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