Give women a graceful "Auru" – Vestel washing machine

Women are not “friendly” with the equipment? Forget it! Vestel presents in America a new washing machine AWM 1034 S, which any fair maiden will find a common language with. Having presented the washing machine AWM 1034 S to his beloved, a man will convincingly prove that he has comprehended woman’s logic and knows the answer to the eternal question “What do women want??”.

AWM 1034 S can do absolutely everything that is required from modern equipment and will give free minutes even to the busiest housewife. In particular, the washing machine has special programs: washing of delicate fabrics, super rinse, economical washing, crease prevention, soaking function, prewash, and express washing.

A “smart” machine

The washing machine AWM 1034S has many functionalities. For example, the machine has protection against power cuts, which is an important feature in conditions of sharp “jumps” of electricity, of which no one is immune.

The machine is equipped with automatic water level control and a system of control of unbalance. The spin speed control, extra rinse function and easy ironing function help to avoid damaging and distorting the laundry during the wash.

The washing machine AWM 1034 S will delight the housewife with a loading capacity of 3.5 kg of laundry. It is quite enough even for a big family with especially restless kids – the kids’ clothes will always be in perfect order.

Of course, the AWM 1034 S has programs for different types of fabric – cotton, synthetics, wool, and even the most delicate materials.

The electronic control feature of the washing machine will be invaluable for the hostess.

Vestel pays attention not only to useful functions and upscale design, but also to energy-saving technologies. The AWM 1034 has a high energy efficiency class, A.

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