Getting ready for school #1: Dremel Tools

September 1 – Knowledge Day. This is a celebration for many students. After a long summer break, school is ready to open its doors to students again. Kids have a new school year ahead of them, valuable knowledge, and, of course, their favorite subjects. Among them is labor – the new name for it is “Technology”. Thanks to this subject, pupils not only learn useful skills, but also actively apply them in practice. How to prepare for technology lessons, read our material.


Dremel Tools

In technology classes, students are engaged in manual labor, which in the future may be very necessary for them. After all, it is often necessary to apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom in practice. For example, it’s useful for boys to know how to attach shelves, assemble a closet or make a chair. The girls will definitely need the skills of decorating, creating handmade gifts or engraving various patterns. Using simple examples, we suggest you learn how to master some skills for successful performance of tasks in technology lessons.

You can start preparing ahead of time at home. Begin by making a birdhouse with your child, using a simple dry-erase board. It doesn’t take long, and the pupil will learn how to work with the tools. Surely lots of people have a Dremel 3000 in the house, an all-purpose tool for small jobs that’s safe and reliable. This is useful for making a 45 mm entrance hole or hole-in-the-wall for the birdhouse. To do this you can use the Dremel Wood Drill Set 636 with the centering marker to make it easier to drill in wood. The linear milling compass 678 will help you make a precise hole.


If you want you can decorate the birdhouse: with a cordless soldering iron DremelVersaTip you can draw different patterns on the birdhouse or write the words “Welcome.

At home you can also practice some woodcarving skills yourself. After all, in high school, children learn to make handicrafts with this material. One of the very basic items is a spoon and you can decoratively carve on its holder with your Dremel Engraver 290-1 . Girls can easily cope with this tool, they can learn to decorate different products.


You can engrave your name or the first letter of your name on a metal keyring. And the Dremel Glue Gun 930 is the perfect helper for creating your own designs for shoes, hats and accessories. For example, on the clasps of the sandals you can attach a little flower, and on the headgear – bows. There are no limits to your imagination. With a few simple steps you can transform a backpack into a stylish and fashionable bag. Those girls who like shiny stones can make up an interesting pattern and decorate their school bag with it. And those who prefer a rocker style – to glue decorative spikes or chains.

So, elementary if you want you can learn to do simple things yourself and be ready for technology lessons for a solid five.

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