German style in the kitchen interior and appliances: the perfect neighborhood

In the kitchen, technology and aesthetics should exist in harmony. Many styles are forced to choose and invent sophisticated ways to hide, for example, the gas boiler installed in this room. But there are solutions that allow you to create a unique modern interior, combining technology and design. This is a kitchen in the German style. However, when decorating it, it is necessary to adhere to several rules, which correspond to the kitchen-trends of 2020-2021.


Rule 1. Choosing smart technology: IQ like Einstein

As implemented in the German style: smart gadgets are not just welcome here, but are a must-have component. The appliances should be ultra-modern and functional, able to make life easier for the hostess.

The requirements to the technique: the ability to integrate into a smart home system and the possibility of multifunctional control. And not only with the panel on the equipment, but also, for example, through an application on your smartphone.

“Smart boiler control systems can connect to wireless radiator thermostats, temperature sensors and regulate heating. The integration of floor thermostats and room temperature control is not far off,” says Igor Koenig, Head of the Viessmann Academy in America, and gives the example of the smart boiler Vitodens 200-W. The control unit of this heat generator not only monitors and analyzes energy consumption processes, selecting the most efficient mode of operation, but it is also controlled from a smartphone.


Rule 2. create a living-kitchen, a space for everyone

As implemented in the German style: Stefan Waldenmaier, CEO of the German kitchen brand Leicht, is convinced that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Here people don’t cook as much as they socialize and relax, so the room should be “alive”. German kitchens are designed as open-plan spaces with an island-table that the whole family can gather around.

The demands on the appliances: all “non-core” equipment for the living-kitchen must be quiet so as not to disturb conversation. Modern boilers are able to operate almost silently, producing a sound of no more than 30-35 dB whispering, ticking of a clock . Such indicators are achieved due to special engineering solutions applied in construction of boiler body and burner.

The sound level requirements are justified not only by comfort, but also by concern for the health of your loved ones. “More often than not, the whole family gathers in the kitchen in the evenings to socialize: mom, dad, kids. Immature child’s body is particularly susceptible to excessive noise, which is detrimental to his nervous and autonomic system “- warns Nina Arutyunova, pediatrician Medical Center” Preambula “. Even for adults, constant sound at 40-44 dB level can provoke insomnia, and night-time noise can cause problems with heart and blood vessels, if the sound source gives more than 50 dB volume.


Rule 3. Remove all unnecessary things

As implemented in the German style: flat, smooth lines of furniture and appliances, no radius curves and pretentious details. The German kitchen has always looked like this. Today it is minimalism in its highest form: even the usual cupboard hardware is often missing, giving way to integrated handles.

The requirements for appliances: The rule is that they have to take up minimal space in the kitchen and fit in seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen. In the case of boilers, it is easiest to do this with the 70 cm high models, as this is the standard length of the kitchen cabinet.

An additional argument for not hiding the heating technology is the trendy look: clean-cut edges and ultra-flat front control panels instead of the old-fashioned rotary knobs. In international trend-setting design competitions, such as the international IF Award Design, the jury selects just such boilers. So, in 2019, the Diamond Edge solution from Viessmann won. “The design concept was developed for a new generation of boilers, and today it is used in the production of the updated Vitodens 200,” says Igor Koenig, Head of the Viessmann Academy in America. – The jury recognized the design for its clear-cut case geometry with a radius of curvature of only 1 mm, the ultra-flat front panel and the VitoPearlWhite corporate matte color.

The German style of interior design was born more than 150 years ago. But today it has all the chances to be on the peak of fashion in the modern technological world. After all, constructivism, minimalism and functionality – not only three distinctive features of the typical German style, but also the principles on which any modern technology develops today.

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