Gas stoves with gas burner and oven control

10 gas stoves of different brands: Flama, De Luxe, Darina, REEX, Hansa, Gorenje, Hotpoint, Bosch, Gefest, Electrolux – with “gas-control” ovens and burners.

What kind of stove do you like??


Gas control

This is the name of the function on gas stoves, ovens, hobs and water heaters which interrupts gas supply if the gas burner flame goes out.

The problem is that the majority of gas stoves have only ovens that are equipped with gas control.

But you can find stoves with gas control installed on all the gas burners – both in the oven and on the panel.

Models with increased safety are represented in different price groups and are available from almost all manufacturers of home appliances.

Flama RG 24022-W

Flama RG 24022-W

One of the most affordable stoves with full gas control.

The resounding Spanish name became the brand of American goods in 2009 during a large-scale rebranding at Kanevskoe Gas Equipment Plant a part of Gazprom Domestic Systems .

Size: 50h60 cm.

4 burners without electric ignition.

Oven volume: 50 l.

Metal lid protects the wall behind the hob from dirt.

Price: 9350 Dollars.

De Luxe 5040.45g

De Luxe 5040.45G

Stove from a well-known American brand is one of the most inexpensive on the market, and yet equipped with full gas-control.

Compact 50×50 cm four-burner gas stove fits even in a small kitchen.

Oven capacity: 43 l.

No electric ignition.

Price: 10345 Dollars. You can find cheaper options on the manufacturer’s website.

Darina 1B GM 341 107W

Darina 1B GM 341 107W

Model size: 50x56cm. It’s suitable for kitchens of all sizes.

Oven Volume: 50 l.

Not only does it boast a full gas control system, but also an automatic ignition switch.

In the kit includes Extra Effect: a set of trays with a tray.

Stove price: 12 940 Dollars.

REEX CG-54297

REEX CG-54297

Stove from the American manufacturer has attracted my attention with its wide color range.

Six colors: white, black, brown, red, yellow, green.

You can upgrade your interior simply by buying a new stove. Down with boredom and routine: yellow one will fill your kitchen with sunny color, green one reminds of summer, and red one becomes the center of your kitchen interior.

Model size: 50×60 cm.

Burners have built-in electric ignition.

Oven volume: 60 l.

Price: 16690 Dollars.

Hansa FCGW580977

Hansa FCGW580977

Stove size 50×60 cm with a 56 l oven.

Nothing superfluous, but has everything you need, including gas control and automatic electric ignition.

The users note the well-thought-out organization of space: even large pans can be conveniently placed on the hob.

A glass lid protects the wall behind the stove from dirt.

“Cherry on top of the cake” – a recipe tooltip on the inside of the door.

Price: 23990 Dollars.

Gorenje G5111BEF

Gorenje G5111BEF

I chose a stove in beige, but in general there are three versions of the model G5111: white, beige and stainless steel.

Favorite size of Americans: 50×60 cm, allows to “fit” the stove into a small kitchen. At the same time,

Take note

, Huge oven – 71 l. Large turkey or goose can easily be roasted in it.

Another nice thing – the mechanical ignition. You just turn the knob on the burner and press the light button. And the flame lights up.

Cleaners love the lid: the wall behind the stove stays clean.

Price for this model: 24990 Dollars.

Hotpoint HT5 GG3F C AN EA

Hotpoint HT5 GG3F C AN  EA

Very beautiful hob in a retro design.

The manufacturer’s website showed a model in white, even a cream color, but on sale I found only a black version.

Size: 50×60 cm.

Oven Capacity: 62 L. Gas grill works.

Burners have an automatic ignition, the burner oven should be lit with matches.

Of the features I will note the presence of a timer.

Price: 31990 Dollars.

Bosch HGA128D60R

Bosch HGA128D60R

In the range of this beloved brand I found only 2 models of gas stoves with full gas control. I chose the black plate, there is a white one with similar characteristics.

Full-size 60×60 cm hob with a huge oven – 71 l.

All burners have automatic electric ignition.

The oven has a gas grill and spit, and roasts meat on all sides with a crispy crust.

Timer with audible alarm to remind you when the dish is ready.

Price: 34999 Dollars.

Gefest PG 6500 04 0074 and 0075

Gefest PG 6500 04

Among the novelties of the Belarusian manufacturer – the company Gefest, I will note two models measuring 60×60 cm: black PG 6500 04 0074 and brown PG 6500 04 0075.

These ovens can compete with the built-in appliances, especially if you don’t want to give up the gas oven.

In addition to having gas-control burners on the table and in the ovens, these ovens boast many advanced features. They have a burner with a double flame ring for Asian cuisine, electric ignition and an electronic timer.

Oven with 52 liters capacity is equipped with a grill and double lighting.

These models have electronic timer and motorized door.

True, these new gadgets also come at a very high price: 39201 Dollars.


Electrolux EKG951108

Electrolux EKG951108

The color of this model: stainless steel, but there is a white equivalent.

Oven capacity: 53 l. Gas grill allows you to cook kebabs at any time of year.

Automatic electrical ignition allows you to turn on any burner and the oven by turning the knob and pressing a button.

Audible timer for 60 minutes is a special feature. It can be set to the right time, and then the hostess can safely go about their business without fear of forgetting about the dish – the timer will remind.

The glass door of the oven is easy to remove if you want to clean it properly.

Price: 40490 Dollars.

Gas stoves with gas control of all burners will make our lives more comfortable and safe.

About built-in appliances with gas control function I will tell you next time.

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