Garmin introduces Vivosmart 3 smart wristband

Garmin has announced a new product v&iacute The vosmart 3 is an activity tracker with an ultra-compact design, invisible display and smart features.


Garmin Vivosmart 3 fitness bracelet

v&iacute The vosmart 3 is a device for people who are seriously into sports but are not professional athletes. They don’t see the need for a full-fledged sports watch, but they like to wear a stylish accessory that fits their sporty, casual clothing style and want real-time information on their physical condition. v&iacute vosmart 3 is ideal as a personal wellness assistant: smart, light, slim and with a hidden display that only becomes visible after activating, receiving alerts or alarms.

The bracelet will surprise you not only with its modern design and its impressive range of fitness tools VO2 max and Sports Age but also with its brand new feature – 24/7 stress level monitoring. v&iacute vosmart 3 monitors activity: counts the number of steps and stairs climbed, calories burned, tracks minutes of intense exercise and sleep parameters. Can be used for showers or swimming in the pool. Battery power will allow the tracker to work without recharging for up to five days. Alerts from a compatible smartphone will be sent directly to the wristband.

Fitness bracelets


Andrew Silver, Garmin sports product manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa “v&iacute vosmart 3 is the new word on the activity tracker market. Health-conscious users not only want to see their exercise data on the display, but also understand what it means immediately. In the wristband v&iacute vosmart 3 introduces fitness and health monitoring tools such as “Sports Age” and stress levels that will be clear to anyone who owns a tracker, regardless of age or level of advancement.”.

Intelligent tools for monitoring physical fitness provide data interpretation. Garmin Elevate technology built-in heart rate monitor for continuous heart rate measurement. New strength training mode allows you to stay focused on your exercises by automatically calculating repetitions, sets and rest times for exercises using weights or your own bodyweight. Sends data to Garmin Connect app for further analysis.


Garmin vivo includes, for the first time, an aerobic performance meter that was previously only available on a Garmin running watch – VO2 max a measure of oxygen uptake and utilization . For clarity, VO2 max scores are converted into fitness levels: from weak to excellent. VO2 max is also used to calculate “Sports Age” so you can easily see your progress. The lower the “Sports Age” compared to actual age, the better. By continuing to train consistently and diligently, tracker owners can increase their VO2 max score and lower their “Sports Age.

In the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, while constantly increasing the time and intensity of your workouts, you need to watch your emotional state as well. v&iacute vosmart 3 continuously measures your resting heart rate and uses that information to compute your stress level. If your heart rate is too high, the tracker will suggest a breathing exercise to relax. With the Garmin Connect app, you can analyze stress data over a longer period of time, identify patterns, make lifestyle changes and reduce the impact of situations that provoke tension and anxiety.

Fitness bracelets

In addition to tracking steps, heart rate, climbing stairs, calories, distance traveled and sleep, v&iacute vosmart 3 also measures exercise intensity. Intensity Minutes are compared to the target value recommended by leading health organizations. Garmin Move IQ features lets you not have to worry about turning on or off a timed activity to record it. Move IQ automatically recognizes workouts such as walking, running, cycling, swimming and ellipticals without any user interaction. Recordings can be viewed after syncing your device with the Garmin Connect app.

Garmin Connect free online platform gives you the opportunity to track your activities, strength training, stress levels, sleep parameters, as well as join competitions in real time with friends and earn virtual badges. With Garmin Connect Insights a personalized recommendation system based on the Connect IQ database , you can get personalized wellness tips, information on achieving athletic goals and compare your performance with other participants.

With smart alerts, the tracker will alert you to emails, text messages, calls, calendar reminders, app alerts, social media updates and other notifications from a compatible smartphone. v&iacute vosmart 3 can control music playback on your smartphone, transmit a signal to find a lost device, and remotely command the Garmin Virb action camera sold separately .

The v&iacute vosmart 3 is available in two colors – black and purple. The black wristbands are available in three sizes: small, medium and large the purple ones are available in two sizes: small and medium.

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