Gardena electric and cordless hedge trimmers

Increasingly gardeners are planting hedges on their plots. Not only do they beautify your garden, but they can also serve as a fence against curious neighbors’ eyes. However, a beautiful green hedge needs regular trimming, which requires a lot of effort and time. Gardena electric and battery-powered shrub shears will make life easier for gardeners.

Gardening equipment

Gardena ErgoCut 58 electric hedge trimmer

Every hedge – be it a conifer, hawthorn or honeysuckle – needs timely care, watering and trimming. It is important for the gardener to regularly remove diseased or weak branches that block sunlight from reaching the underside of the plants. Correct pruning can speed up or weaken growth and influence blossoms. Anything that can be accomplished with secateurs and other hand tools is too long and complicated. Gardena electric and cordless scissor models are a great alternative.

Cutting hedges needs a steady hand and a well-sharpened tool like the Gardena Electric ErgoCut 58. The special geometry of its blades and the laser-cut blades ensure a precise and even cut. The cutting unit of the tool features an innovative design. It enables the hedge trimmer blades to pivot 90 degrees, so you can cut hedges from either side without having to change your arms. With a blade length of 58 cm, the model is suitable for tall and long hedges. The ErgoCut 58 weighs 3.9 kg.

Gardening equipment

Gardena ErgoCut 48 electric shears

For smaller shrubs users can choose electric shears with a shorter cutting unit – ErgoCut 48 or ErgoCut 42. Their blade lengths are 48 and 42 cm, and they weigh 3.8 and 3.4 kg, respectively. In quality of work, these tools are not inferior to “big brother”, they also do their job perfectly.


Gardena ErgoCut 42 electric shears

Many users like to work without depending on either a power cord or a fuel mixture. Gardena cordless brushcutters EasyCut 50-Li which combine the advantages of both electric and petrol power tools. These shears are equipped with a powerful 18V/1.6 Ah lithium-ion rechargeable battery – a single charge is enough for one hour of continuous work. The battery has no memory effect, which means it can be recharged at any time. 50 cm is the optimal cutting length for both tall hedges and compact shrubs. This model is considerably lighter than electric hedge trimmers, weighing just 2.9 kg – so that even a frail woman can get the job done.

Gardening Equipment

But if a gardener wants to exercise his creativity and create a garden with volumetric sculptures on the plot, it is better to choose a tool with a short blade, such as ComfortCut scissors. This model comes with two blades of different shape and is specially coated to prevent build-up. The ComfortCut is equipped with an LED display that shows the battery level and allows you to estimate the remaining operating time. It also signals when it needs to be recharged. The gardener has no choice but to let his imagination run wild!

Gardena tools make neat green hedges and trimmed shrubs look good all summer long.

Approximate costs

EasyCut 42 electric hedge trimmer – 3110 rub.

EasyCut 48 electric shears – 6030 Dollars.

Electric shears EasyCut 58 – 8310 Dollars.

EasyCut 50-Li Cordless Shears – 6655 RUB.

ComfortCut Cordless Shears – 4,699 Dollars.

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