Gaming display specialist AOC presents the new AG273QX monitor: QHD resolution and impressive HDR

Company AOC, one of the world’s leading brands in the market of monitors, announces 27-inch 68.6 cm model AG273QX. The novelty will be the most advanced representative of the AGON 3. Full package of features for shooters, online fighters and arcade games exceeds gamers’ expectations both in performance and image quality.


The refresh rate is 165 Hz, which means that the AG273QX draws a frame approximately every 6 milliseconds. This is extremely important for games with a high level of competition. Combined with the 1ms response time MPRT , this speed allows for smoother animations and makes it easier for gamers to follow the moves of their enemies.

Advanced 27″ VA panel with a resolution of QHD 2560×1440 pixels uses a native static contrast ratio of 3000:1 with deep, inky blacks. In addition to high resolution and good contrast, the monitor supports VESA DisplayHDR 400, which provides 400 nits peak brightness. The display perfectly reproduces HDR content – bright flashes and explosions with different hues in a dark game world – and fully immerses the gamer in the game. AMD FreeSync 2 HDR feature adds HDR tonal display with minimal lag, compensates for low frame rate LFC and guarantees jerk-free gameplay like its predecessor. The flat, smooth VA panel is frameless on three sides for gamers who prefer flat panels. Gamers who like curved screens can choose sister models AG273QCX or AG273QCG.


Transporting the monitor to gaming tournaments or LAN parties just got a lot easier. The AG273QX features a carrying handle, and it can be assembled in one motion without the need for screws. Also features dual retractable headset cradles on each side of the screen and customizable RGB Light FX backlighting for a more personal touch.

Fans of first-person shooters will especially appreciate DialPoint, AOC’s proprietary scope that places the crosshairs in the center of the screen if such a feature is not provided by the game. In addition, Shadow Control lets you brighten dark areas or darken bright areas via the OSD, and the Game Color setting helps increase or decrease color saturation and gray levels. Three preset first-person shooter, racing, real-time strategy and three user-configurable game modes provide easy access to useful presets. AGON 3’s updated OSD lets you easily customize your settings. Users can also use the G-Menu software to adjust settings without using on-screen buttons.

Price and availability

The AOC AGON AG273QX monitor will be available in November 2019 at an estimated price of 36,549 Dollars.

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