Full HD LCD TV Panasonic Viera TX-LR37S25 test

Video technology

TV has a good resolution. Also note the consistency of colors when changing the viewing angle.



When the signal through the HDMI connector, you can slightly notice the comb on the moving slanted lines.

Full HD LCD TV Panasonic Viera TX-LR37S25

Full HD LCD TV Panasonic Viera TX-LR37S25


2 composite inputs, composite output, USB slot, D-Sub connector, component input, antenna jack pointed backwards.

USB slot, composite input, headphone jack, SD and CI slots are side-facing.


The Panasonic Viera TX-LR37S25 is equipped with Motion Picture Pro. At input video frequency of 50 Hz, Motion Picture Pro technology plays back frames at 100 fps on the basis of the original 50 frames. That is, it increases the total number of frames to provide a natural transition between frames for smooth and vivid high-resolution image reproduction. It also detects motion zones and adapts the Motion Focus pulse backlight for those areas to enhance the resolution of the motion display.

In turn, Deep Colour technology is used in the unit to enhance color reproduction quality. It reproduces more tones when an external device is connected via HDMI.

In addition we would like to note that the device is equipped with the Viera Cast function, which, when connected to the Internet, provides access to a variety of online content – for example, video-server Dailymotion, sports channel EUROSPORT, social networking via Twitter, service YouTube. If you wish it is possible to organize conference call at home via Skype service allowing you not only to hear but also to see the interlocutor in HD quality on the TV screen. You can connect a keyboard to the TV set via the USB socket.


As a plus of Panasonic Viera TX-LR37S25 we should mention at once that the colors on the screen do not change when the viewing angle changes, only the brightness slightly decreases when the viewing angle is 60 degrees from the forward direction.

If desired, the viewer can take advantage of preset picture modes: “Dynamic”, “Normal”, “Cinema”, “True Cinema”, “Game”, “Photo”.

When playing a high-definition signal through the HDMI input, the resolution was about 830-840 TV lines, which is one of the best among the tested models.

The television shows a fairly good margin of color and brightness, with reasonably good detail in dark scenes.

Black is deep, white is rich, and white objects on a white background are displayed with reasonably good detail.

Slightly noticeable combing on oblique lines when displaying moving objects.

The color palette is quite natural, the skin colors are slightly saturated with reddish tints in some places. For color temperature adjustment, there is a 3-step temperature adjustment and raster background adjustment.

When 1080i signal is fed to the component input, the resolution was 750-760 TV lines.

Almost no digital artifacts like scalloping on moving oblique lines, the motion is displayed not so distinctly.

On the whole, the picture showed great color margin, not bad reserve of brightness and quite good details of the dark scenes. The flesh tones are also a bit oversaturated in some places.

Black and white colors are rich on the screen, and white objects on a white background appear detailed enough.


The speakers of Panasonic Viera TX-LR37S25 demonstrate quite big sound volume with no noticeable distortions, only the low-frequency gap is noticeable near the maximum volume.

You can quickly change the sound parameters with the help of preset modes: “Music”, “Speech”, “User. If you wish it is possible to regulate high and low frequencies, and in “User” mode you can tune the sound timbre in details with 8-band equalizer.

V-Audio Surround technology creates soundstage depth effect using previously reflected wave method based on actual measurement of room acoustic parameters by digital signal processor.


The remote control model is quite large, black, digital buttons with large numbers have a square shape.

In the upper part of the remote control there is a circular navigation joystick. BD/DVD player control buttons at the bottom of the remote control.

Main menu is displayed at the bottom left of the screen when called up, unfolds with more detailed settings.

Available formats: “Auto”, “16:9”, “14:9”, “Panoramic”, “4:3”, “4:3 full screen”, 3 “Zoom”, which are called by a separate button on the remote.

Antitamper function is provided to prevent children from watching unwanted programs.

In addition, the TV has a special game mode: it optimizes the brightness and color balance, so that the dark areas in video games are displayed even sharper and clearer than usual, and accelerated image processing is designed to prevent slowdowns during fast-paced games.

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