Fujifilm introduced the FUJINON GF35-70 mm F4.5-5.6 WR

FUJINON GF35-70 mm F4 zoom lens.5-5.6 WR is a new addition to the GF line of interchangeable lenses designed for medium-format mirrorless cameras of the GFX series. The lens covers the most frequently used range of focal lengths and offers high image quality in a wide variety of shooting situations. It’s also the most compact and lightweight of the GF zoom lenses, which will expand the range of applications for GFX cameras.


Highlights of the FUJINON GF35-70mm F4 lens.5-5.6 WR

Optical circuitry consists of 11 elements in nine groups, including one aspherical lens and two low-dispersion glass lenses. Better resolution combined with spherical and chromatic aberration correction gives you a sharp image of every scene, even when shooting wide-angle with more information in the frame.

The optical design of the GF35-70mm strikes a balance between image quality and portability and provides an exceptionally compact and lightweight body, weighing approximately 390g and measuring 85x74mm when folded down


The lens uses an inner focus system in which the compact and lightweight focusing elements are driven by a stepping motor. So in combination with phase auto focus FUJIFILM GFX100S the lens can adjust in just 0.13 seconds, providing an instantaneous capture of the main subject. The lens also integrates Face Detection and Eye Detection AF modes found in GFX digital cameras. This makes it ideal for portrait photography, capturing the instantaneous expression of a face, even when the subject is in motion. In addition, thanks to the low noise level during operation, the lens is suitable not only for photography but also for video shooting.

The minimum focus distance is 35 cm throughout the zoom range, allowing close-up shots at around 25 cm from the front lens. Which makes the lens suitable for a variety of shooting situations, from subject matter to snapshots, portraits and landscapes.

Lens body is protected against penetration of moisture and dust at 9 points, which enables use in adverse weather conditions, including sub-zero temperatures down to -10 °C.

Price and availability

The lens will be available from the end of November 2021 for 84999 Dollars.

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